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  1. When I went to Las Vegas last summer, I went to a range and shot a Glock 19, MP5A4 (I think) and even put a 50 round belt through an M249.


    Obviously Nevada is lax on gun laws, as they are with, well, almost everything, but perhaps Ohio's laws are more strict?


    I'm a non-US citizen, obviously, and I was there with my dad (again, a non-US citizen) and there was no problem at all with using the range - in fact, The Gun Store seem to aim more at tourists than anything else (especially the Japanese, I believe).

  2. Why the hell dont you have a weeatach? They are the greatest thing since sliced bread. tongue.gif But arn must be working his *albatross* off. Lot of new blogs.

    Because they're not wink.gif


    They're doorkickers' rigs, and I don't kick doors wink.gif

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