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  1. Knowing Wesker, he probably is taking a leak. Not gonna mount a shotgun on the back-panel of that H-harness then?
  2. Pretty sure he's banned now. Shame, since he was easily the most entertaining troll in a LONG-*albatross* TIME.

  3. Battery will go in the crane stock which is in the mail.
  4. Yeah it's a 226 and no it's not spot-on for the Army SF loadout, but he wasn't willing to buy a new pistol specifically for one two-day event. And I can't blame him. It's not a Wilcox mount on the Aimpoint but it looks a bit like one.
  5. US Army SF, Mounted, A'stan So here it is - near enough finished. I have a crane stock on the way for my rifle, and I need to buy (rather than borrow) an EOTech. I may also snag a back plate carrier for the RRV to make it all ride a little better, but it's fine for now (all armour is in the PACA). There are a couple of tiny things (LaRue RAS isn't issue, for example) but I'm willing to sacrifice a tiny bit of accuracy in that case for a much more solid gun. Pics of all 4 of us can be found in the 'Pics of your team' thread HERE, and are worth seeing because a group of 3 or 4 guy
  6. And four more from later on (after I got hold of the Massif ACS, but down a member)...
  7. Just picked up one of these Massif Army Combat Shirt This thing is some hot suitcase, by which I mean it keeps you really cool.
  8. I saw this one in Osaka, Japan and had to get a pic. If you can work out what it means, I bow to your prowess. (Click to enlarge)
  9. GODDAMNIT, that is a great loadout man. Awesome. I dig PJ rigs and just moved off mine in favour of US Army SF. Maybe I should build one again...
  10. Mother of god, a Surefire Delta. I have wanted one of these for SO DAMN LONG and never been able to find proper reviews of them. How do you like yours?
  11. Of course you can draw it from places other than under your collar - that's a pretty dumb thing to assume, and seems like argument for argument's sake. You can mount them on belts, in pockets, inside waistbands, under collars - wherever. Draw is as quick as you allow it to be, depending on position, obstruction and training. And of course I'm not saying that they should be carried in places where you shouldn't carry. I was using the 'patting down' example as exactly that - an example. You yourself go on about not alarming sheeple - sheeple are going to be least alarmed by a knife if they
  12. Can you conceal an Emerson folder inside your waistbelt, or around your neck? People have been patted down while carrying them and the person patting them down has missed a HAK. HAKs have their place. If you need use of both hands, you can use both while still having a HAK to hand (literally). If you take up one hand with a folder or other knife, you lose functionality of it. Surely it's not that hard to grasp - if you're on top of a ladder and you feel yourself starting to fall, you can either drop your folder (dangerously) and grab on, or you can just grab on with your HAK still safely
  13. There's a story by an EMT guy on the Badlands Forums. He had to respond to a car crash and extracted someone trapped inside the car by hacking through the roof with a folding Strider AR. It's unlikely, but the capability is there. I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. There may be no such thing, but you can get pretty damn close. I've never seen or heard of a Strider lock with the Hinderer LBS failing. I HAVE heard of people who've made Spyderco and Benchmade locks fail, though. The HAK is a great general purpose knife because you can't let go of it. If yo
  14. Souske, are they Merrell Chameleon II Stretches? I love mine to bits, but I wouldn't have thought they would be suitable for hard usage like that (no ankle support at all).
  15. You're right, it is a CVC. That's what I get for posting at 3:30am. I've had the 'patch-fiddler' problem too...it's more annoying when someone does it in the field. You're moving into an ambush position and then "RRIIIIPPPP!". Goddamn it.
  16. Is that a TAD patch? 'Cus if it is, it's upside down... I like it, though. What's the deal with ballcaps under MICHs - I could never get it to sit right (always pushed the MICH up too far at the front). Maybe my head's just too small...
  17. The loadout I took to New Jersey when I went to play with MSOU (wasted_youf, Bondisthespy, Agent Hunk, etc). We ended up just getting really, really drunk, but whatever. Loadout is now very old and not really used any more, but I still have a soft spot for Woodycam.
  18. Looks sweet! The setup with the retention lanyard and the figure-8 looks...painful, though. Shouldn't the figure-8 be attached to the harness using one 'biner, then the lanyard attached with a 'biner on each end? Loop the other end round to the side so it doesn't keep smacking you in the conkers.
  19. I held a few Benchmades and didn't like the way they fitted my hand as well as the Striders. Nice knives (I still crave a Skirmish or Mini Skirmish), but not for me. A lot of it is personal preference. When you get to this kind of price range, differences are pretty minor. They are ALL good. Except Dork Ops...
  20. I'm happy to know that it'll do whatever I throw at it. The steel is both thick enough to be rugged, and holds a great edge (S30V). The lock is done in such a way that it will not fail (Hinderer LBS helps here). If, 15 years down the line, the tip snaps off when I try to jam it through a car door to get someone out, Strider will replace it. No matter what happens, no matter how absurd, it'll cope with it.
  21. B**ch I'll tell you why. BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. Tucker Max reference +1
  22. Woah, another HAK owner? I can't remember what I've posted in here before so I'll just post the whole family... Strider SnG with sterile blade - my girlfriend really digs this, for some reason. Asian girls are weird. I took these before it got any use - it looks pretty beat up now, which is good. Click to enlarge: Left to right: Strider DB-L NSN, Buck-Strider 889, Spyderco UK Pen Knife, TOPS Knives UTE-01, Spyderco Clipit Dragonfly, Strider Talon HAK, Strider Hybrid HAK, Utility HAK v2 Close-up of the Strider DB-L NSN, #093 of 100 Close-up of the
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