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  1. I go away for a few months and TAD change their colours again, lol. The v2.5 was offered in black instead of grey, so I assumed they'd stuck with that. I was wrong.
  2. TAD is available from TAD Gear... You might find a second-hand one on eBay, but no other shop stocks them. Mine is 'UE Grey' which is a colour now phased out in favour of black, I think. Also available in tan and a nice green colour.
  3. I have a J-Tech. It's alright - does the job well enough. Pads and chinstrap are complete junk compared to the real ones though, so get some if you can. My MICH: J-Tech MICH 2000 MICH NVG Mount MSA Gallet Pads Issue Foliage Green Chinstrap Issue Foliage Green Goggle Retention Straps Petzl Tactikka Velcro - Tan Nametape, IR Tabs, Cat Eye Tab (if no cover) With ACU cover: Without ACU cover:
  4. How did I do the wear effects? I used it.
  5. It sure rained a lot today, so I did what any self-respecting geardo would do. I geared up and stood in the rain. I really dig the look with the TAD Stealth Hoodie, although the hood causes some slight snag problems with comms wires. The hoodless version would be better, since it's not compatible with a helmet anyway (obviously).
  6. Correct. Freehand Sharpie rifle art is the new, uh... I don't want to look like I work at Chochkies, but a couple of pieces of flair make the loadout mine...
  7. Definately worth the money. Best rig I've ever used. She's a keeper for sure, and that's something coming from me. I was banned because I had a *large disagreement* someone who happened to have mod power. And no longer does. That is the end of that.
  8. Second M4 I've had. This one, maybe a year and a half?
  9. Never said I was quitting, Blarney... Good stuff, Wesker. ALICE still has a place I guess. I want to see the final loadout.
  10. HaVoC

    random 2

  11. Thanks. Yeah, it's an Eagle RRV over (real) PACA.
  12. It just works like my idea of getting him tattooed over your heart so you have someone to blame if you have a heart attack
  13. It hasn't given me up or let me down... yet.
  14. Just waiting on a Crane stock to finish it off and balance it out nicely. EOTech up front on the RAS is a possibility. Good guns don't have to be complicated...
  15. HaVoC

    SNAFU Team Sigs

    Team sigs only for use by SNAFU members
  16. I've been concentrating more on the following things: 1 - running SNAFU and its forums 2 - going to Japan for 3 months 3 - being permabanned I managed all of those, so yeah. I'd claim that it's good to be back, but frankly I'd be exaggerating my enthusiasm. I'm doing good though.
  17. Long time no see. TT case for Garmin eTrex, Eagle double 1911 pistol mag pouch with Kydex and Crane stock on the way, and this is all wrapped up. See you at War & Peace.
  18. Knife + ceramics = bad move You use ceramic rods to sharpen knives. I'd imagine smashing a knife INTO a big block of ceramic material with that much force can't be good.
  19. Why all the flack for Microtech? I've heard very few bad things about them up until now.
  20. That's brilliant dude, thanks. I'll let you know what TCI say, and I'm trying to find a Sordin dealer here in the UK.
  21. Yeah, this finally reminded me to fire off an email at them, so we'll see. My only worry is that I have to send it back to the US, and then incur customs tax as it comes back to the UK... Oh, I'm gonna pick me up some of the new gel seals and see what they're like. EDIT: The headband is a really easy replacement. Hopefully they'll just send me a new one, because I can change that out in 2 minutes and be done with it.
  22. Fellow Lib-2 user... You've not managed to break them yet, then? 'Cus I have... I'm just too hardcore. I snapped the plastic headband. I've taped it up and it's holding well enough but they're going back at some point for a fix-up.
  23. Are you sure that's in CB? Looks more like MJK to me, bud. Why the MAP over the hydro pouch, out of interest? And how many mags do you carry?! Nice looking rig, anyway.
  24. A friend had the Guarder RAV (I think...I know it wasn't Paraclete, anyway) and he had the same problem. We got it to release eventually. How? We grabbed it with both hands, put one foot on his chest and pulled as hard as we could. Eventually that sucked broke away like it should, but it's not a patch on the real RAV for ease of release (at least, I hope it isn't...).
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