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  1. *fruitcage* you too Microsoft I'm getting so sick of their ######.

  2. Bit excited after reading about the ACM M10 AEP. $300+ fr the TM is a bit much, but $100 works!

    1. renegadecow


      But it doesn't come with the $200 front strap!

  3. Was going to a game today, but had to cancel. Moved to tomorrow, teammate canceled. Moved to next Saturday, no instead of runnng around being active I'm lying around watching Doctor Who. Yay.

  4. How is the little Deuce quality/reliability/price wise?
  5. Tragedy aside, that site looks freaking awesome. Is that in the States, Britain or elsewhere? EDIT: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was rather foolish of me to consider that site being in Britain.
  6. Not sure if I would choose Apocalypse on December 12 or another four years with Barack mother *fruitcage* Obama.
  7. Should I feel special for having been covered by a PKM wielding Brian Holt?

    1. Mike_West


      Who's Brian Holt? I think I've heard the name somewhere, but I can't link it to anything.

    2. Avenger96
    3. Mike_West


      Ah, all right. Confused him with Brian Van Holt.

  8. I picked up and Echo1 AMD this weekend, full steel goodness. Hopefully I'll have a working camera soon.
  9. Woohoo! E1 AMD-65 is MINE! Full steel goodness.

  10. On the subject of smiling and video games, the Wabbajack made me smile a few minutes ago.
  11. This is a performance requirement for AEPs anyway.
  12. Awesome gun Delta, I was actually about to unfollow this thread due to there being more {Awsome} on the last few pages than actual AK stuff.But, the PBS-01 and GP25 were refreshing.
  13. Allow me to tell you why I won't buy an MP3 player from anyone but Apple. Three years ago, I got an IPod Nano for Christmas, one of the fat ones. Two weeks after I got, I left in the pocket of a pair of pants that then got washed and dried. I thought it was dead. But, I plugged it into the computer and voila! It came back on. The earbuds were destroyed. Skip forward two years of abuse. My family got a milk cow, which I milked in the mornings and evenings for around six months until my parents got rid of the cow. It got dropped in milk at least seven times that I can remember, and I
  14. Ivan Chesnokov is now my hero.

  15. On the A&K M249 MKIIs, is the battey in the grip or the stock? I won't own one with the battery up front(again, I owned one like that just long enough to get back in the mail to the sender)

  16. What in god's name do you have to type to get "Ubarflock??? FireKnife

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. renegadecow


      Misfit said it was for a plethora of reasons, WE bashing not one of them.

    3. Avenger96


      The annoying Chinese guy got banned?


    4. Leshy


      If we use 1911s' he will come!

  17. What in god's name do you have to type to get "Ubarflock???

  18. What in god's name do you have to type to get "Ubarflock???

  19. What in god's name do you have to type to get "Ubarflock???

  20. What purpose do cats serve? They aren't funny, they aren't friendly like dogs and they can't protect you. A relaative of mine has a cat that spends it's days SLEEPING in the bathroom sink! You never see a touching movie or book about cats. They don't even eat rodents like they're suppose to! We should just exterminate cats. /rant

    1. renegadecow


      They simply lack as much time as dogs have in terms of breeding and domestication to develop specific purposes. The Siamese cat at the very least were bred as guard cats.

  21. So, Borderlands is THE greatest game ever created.

  22. How is the VFC SCAR-L? Worth the money?

    1. fiddlesticks4220


      Yes, considering what I have seen other companies charge the same amount for. Great gun, solid inside and out.

    2. Avenger96


      And, if I can offload my CA M14 in time the store I'm buying from is doing a 20% off deal right now. If I miss the coupon I'll have to stick with the E-Series M16A3(Which IS sexier).

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