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    I have a tm hi capa 5.1, customized, an AK spetz and 2 katanas, 2 kung fu broadswords, a snake spear, a handmade pair of nunchucks and a knife that ihelped make, in sweden if any one really cares
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    i hope your not too fond of your kneecaps, your not are you?
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    United Kingdom

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    I like most forms of weaponry, martial arts or anything that shoots a projectile or has a sharpened edge. I also like reading and getting money. I dislike the amount of time i have to spend with my therapist.
  1. Munkyman

    Small man or Big cup?

    dave was compenstaing for something
  2. Munkyman

    I want me some fun!

    at last, private jefferson found something that would be his friend, his previous attempts at friends had been thwarted when people realised he had a moustache
  3. Munkyman

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    death had enjoyed his trip to "i have a big stupid hat" land and had managed to get some extra work done there as well- you get the idea, 3 month old baby, giant foam hat, heat, exhaustion, it's ll very very sad.....
  4. Munkyman

    Hi capa

    shiny hi capa

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