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  1. Hey guys, this grub screw fell out of my WE Raptor M4 It isnt the screw under the OB, or the hop up screw. Do any of you know what it is? http://imgur.com/Qp0k5JH
  2. No I do not know how it is reinforced.. All I do know is that it is haha! Maybe you could email Samoon and let them know your situation
  3. http://imgur.com/JuyjIiM The crack is hard to see but hopefully you can see it. Luckily I live in Taiwan and I get a free reinforced replacement!
  4. I found a crack towards the back of my lower receiver :/ Ill take pictures when I get home.
  5. My Video Review of the TM MK23 If you have the time please let me know how I can improve my reviews!
  6. Also this https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152031848681521.1073741849.255888806520&type=1
  7. They probably will not, as VFC is dominating the market with licensed products.
  8. Or ghetto rig an NPAS (im just kidding it wont work)
  9. I get a feeling that it will wear in as some of my mags i have to put a lot of effort in, while some i do not need to In other news, the dark earth version came out!
  10. You can fit up to about 35 rounds at most in my experience.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPIHrwsgU0E There is a video on the Pmags in the G5
  12. Its pretty loud.. If I had a decibel reader I would test it.
  13. LOL Asians with armpit hair makes their armpits look like vaginas... as some people point out to me. And I have heard that Hephaestus is coming out with a CNC charging handle If it makes a difference the piston is a double o-ring design.
  14. It is not AEG compatible. There are minor differences.
  15. Don't let the price of the mags stop you from getting the gun. It's worth it.
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