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  1. This was hilarious. "God I love cocaine. So much. Holy *fruitcage* knuckles I'm high as a kite right now." Ill be seeing the premier the day it comes out. Lol
  2. Kek'd. Posts like this are why I keep my subscription to this thread.
  3. They could always sign a waiver pre-death allowing their body to be utilized in a certain, *ahem* way. Similar to cryo-preservation, or dispersing ashes in space - or at least it would seem to be that way from a legal standpoint..?
  4. Recently found I had a giant stash of HSA armory stuff. Posted threads up on another forum trying to clear it all out, selling like hotcakes. Extra 50 bucks here and there, how wonderful
  5. Let's be honest, we're all just here to shitpost.

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    2. DrAlexanderTobacco



    3. NonEx


      I'm here to *suitcase*.

    4. hawaiianjuggernaut


      And he became autism, the destroyer of threads.

  6. I'm aware of the sugar-free, it's really more the caffeine that gets to me. I had registration issues with 2 classes and had to cram a week of work into 6hrs at the last minute. Thus, caffeine to make it happen, lol
  7. Also, should not have *fruitcage* had 3x Venti starbucks iced coffees today. I can hear my heartbeat.
  8. Pulled out all my airsoft stuff, hadn't touched in over a year at this point. Found I had way more mags, ammo, gear and extra Rhops/Sorbopads than I remembered keeping. Wolverine HPA AUG project here we come :,)
  9. Dunno how many of you all watched the presidential debate, Trump's zingers gave quite the laffs.
  10. Well, you've got a point. I'd just need to find the retirees with spunk and attitude to do it, haha.
  11. "Add coupon code 'Arnies' to your order for a -5% discount!" Haha, they don't have expiration dates, but the inventory turnover for some of these items is probably terrible. I'd drastically change inventory, they carry a lot of *suitcase* products
  12. Intl forwarding services seem to be a big demand, I did it for a few guys here (Chris, know you're reading) Once we have more streamlined infrastructure, it'll definitely be a scaleable operation.
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