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  1. is it like a real enfield action? meaning you have to put some force on the bolt to close the chamber?
  2. those GBB mp7s look great...considering dumping my GBBR SCAR for one.
  3. cougar your set up looks flippin sweet, amazing dude.
  4. http://www.wellingtonsurplus.com.au/ if i remember right these guys do ship state side. they should have some PLCE pouches to help you out.
  5. could always try and get the aussie PLCE kit you might be able to locate one for under 35 on ebay
  6. the guy on the left looks like he's wearing M56 universal ammunition pouches
  7. I love that liner, don't you judge me.
  8. thanks, i picked up the hat through the battlesim boards. Helmutt[ from battlesim and vietnamairsoft boards] had one so snatched it up. as for canteen pouches, i know it might look better, but for me personally, i'm more comfortable with using the ammo pouches.
  9. Dee's that rig looked awesome at DSR.
  10. Axel those look great!, it's always nice to see someone else who uses alice gear still.
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