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  1. lol ive just recently got given sniper one by my GF as a present its an amazing book.
  2. http://www.norrisdesigns.com/proddetail.as...od=S13%2D018000] blitz dumpvalve to replace my tired and aging forge one. http://www.norrisdesigns.com/proddetail.as...od=S13%2D014005 this in 1.6mm format plus a few other nice little trimmings like 560cc injectors. custom engine map already for my engine rebuild
  3. My 200sx They are the pics the lad took for me who i bought it from. there have been a few changes since he owned it, mainly a stereo system. and my Girlfriends Golf
  4. you reckong you could just change the connectors of you wanted to?
  5. dremmel and file here i come cheers for your help now just need to order one
  6. these will go onto the Cyma?
  7. can you get rpk kits for these cause was thinking of buying one and turning it into an rpk?
  8. i sold a Turbocharger on ePray and it got lost in the post it took me 3 months to get my money back and 7 letters in the end, theyd lost 3 letters apparently Keep on at them sledge they will pay just make sure they dont forget you mate
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