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  1. Thanks for the review! Loved it.
  2. revsd5

    Armalite Pictures

    My turn Hardware ---------------- G&P M733 Front End (with TM rings for RIS) KN QD +/- (uses +) flash hider ICS 556 QD Supressor MM RIS (non-9.6 type) CA Rail Grips G&P V2 Metal Body - Split type (M4 Type) G&P Dirt Flap G&P Reinforced body pins G&P Pistol Grip G&P HeatSink 6 MilSpec CNC Billet Alloy. Gearbox (w/ Level 4 ball bearing bushings) Systema M4 One-P Hop-up Systema Flat Gears Systema Genuine Motor Systema Pinion (X2 reinforced) ICS Poly-Piston Systema Area 1000 Piston Head Systema Low-Resis Switch Systema N
  3. revsd5

    Armalite Pictures

    I cant stand PEQs either. Unless they somehow get more functional.... (aka... not just a laser)
  4. Question, What do ya 226 users do about the slide ware. Do you guys repaint it? Dont use the gun in fear of it? Let it stay? After 30-40 shots, the dust cover thing starts getting all scratched off. And my black is going by by.
  5. Lovely jimel. I was starting to fear nobody was ever going to use their sig
  6. I rather have a slide that flexes than rather break when allowed some preasure. Unless your dying for the full metal action, I still opinionate against buying the full kits... unless of course, they come down in price.
  7. Unless your a total 226 freak, save your money and ditch the full metal body. TMs plastic is dominate in my book.
  8. That .1 is the creation side + outer barrel kit. Also it came with a reinforced recoil spring, and piston head. Bought it for 100$ new. And I love it.
  9. Arnie, I dont see any point of failure. (Safari) It just shows a big white box. Plugins im thinking.
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