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  1. Went and got my game on!

  2. I got me a new Iphone as an early birthday present Ya!!! Facetime for the win!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Hey! We should facetime sometime!

    3. Faint


      Hey we can but I am trying to update the thing threw ITUNES! man is that a biaotch

    4. Faint


      Totally updated woot

  3. We need more dolphin's in here
  4. Out of Retirement and into the Fire!

    1. Azubi


      What you on with?

    2. Faint


      Uhm I am not on anything.


    3. Azubi


      Apologies, local dialect, I forget sometimes! What are you going to be doing?

  5. Thinking about moving out of Komiefornia.... STUPID *albatross* SB798

    1. Seraphim989


      Haha, Komiefornia, good one

    2. Bando


      did it pass?


  6. P90x in your loadout! is the best way to bulk up...
  7. Still need a pouch for my KAC QD Can! :(

  8. Note to self... BB's break car windows......

    1. DarkMM
    2. shmook


      did you cob a whole tub of .43's through one?!!

    3. Faint


      Nope was loading a shower in my garage for a game and the oring blew, shattering my passenger window :(


  9. You kids act like you never seen a woman before... lol
  10. I need a pouch in CB for a KAC QD CAN! HELPZ!!!! 1111 coookiez for helperz!!!!1111

  11. I don't need YOU anymore, I don't want to be ignored. I DONT NEED ONE MORE DAY OF YOU WAISTING ME AWAY. :)

    1. Faint


      *suitcase* I SPELT Waste wrong LOL FAIL!

  12. ahaha Girl airsofters don't exist, there like bread in a can! MYTH!!
  13. No more GF = More Airsoft time, I should be sad, but I actually am not.. CHEER!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. faramon


      Tis the season? Spring time wooo!

    3. FireKnife


      You can make love to an airsoft gun, trust me :P


      At least you are looking at it the right way, more money for airsoft and to enjoy yourself.

    4. Faint


      No more slaving over stupid *suitcase* and more time for hanging out? Win!!!!

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