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  1. Put together some "lost footage" mostly from last year's games at our field and crafted a short push video for this season
  2. Very well shot and atmospheric, but I can't help but feel like I'm left wanting an "action drop" after the build. That build-that-wasn't-a-build was very nice though.
  3. "Launch trailer" for our 2-day game next weekend (May 31-June 1, if anyone happens to be in the north of Sweden at the time ) Event page: http://www.airsoft-squared.com/event/7262/flashpoint-epic-viii
  4. Real basic video from a game this past sunday
  5. Someone has been watching PB vids. Very nice though, sans the music. But that's down to personal preference, I for one am just jaded after every PB video maker started using that type of sound. I'm sure others feel the same about "epic" music so whatever. Looks like you guys have upped your game quite a bit though, great to see!
  6. Hehe. Yes, poor robogirl had a few problems. On the upside, she never once complained about changes to the script! Good point about the annotations, although Google doesn't seem to like links that aren't, well, Google-based.
  7. Put together a brief attract trailer for our fields and events https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znqfWpLijJc
  8. Just a few snapshots from our season closer game
  9. I agree, it would be cool to see more WWII stuff. We have one regular player who shows up in some pretty serious WWII kit at our games, and he basically looks like a time traveller, lol. Quite awesome, really. Anyway, a short video here that shows a local team of heroes demonstrating some high level teamwork
  10. A few things. First off, get a better mic (or if it's a matter of levels, check levels). Also, since the review doesn't focus on the person doing the review, it may be a good idea to record voice and product footage separately and cut it together in post. More work, but that could eliminate unwanted pauses and hesitation and improve the flow a lot. I'd also suggest that you show the reviewer for an introduction and finish. It makes it a lot more memorable, and more professional, if you have a face to go with the opinion. Generally, I'd look at what pro reviewers (typically of non-airsoft s
  11. Pieced together some footage from this season
  12. Made a little promo for our smaller games.
  13. I buy licenses for the tracks I use these days. I think I'm going to start licensing more high-end tracks next season, like Position Music and such. But even the cheaper sources have a lot of worthwhile tracks, certainly nothing like the old days when royalty-free meant glorified elevator tunes. If you're going to use common songs, you'll always run the risk of getting into licensing issues. Then there are some that will be unavailable in certain regions.
  14. Crawled through some footage from the games of the summer, and cut together a little video. http://youtu.be/yJhOy-Bfdz0
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