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  1. bobthebuilder

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Where did you find Snigel Design gear outside of Scandinavia? I've been really liking the look of a couple of thier vests, but can't find them for sale anywhere that ships outside of Norway/Sweden/Finland/Denmark
  2. bobthebuilder

    1911 Picture Thread

    having a play with the camera, took a few of the 1911, with it's new holster. TM series 70 TM Night warrior hammer Nova three hole trigger 4gun 1911 vertical shoulder holster
  3. bobthebuilder


    In my experience UPS packages are almost always checked by customs, while EMS may just slip through without being looked at. Although I understand at the moment customs are cracking down generally, so there's a greater chance in general.
  4. bobthebuilder

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Here's a question for you guys with surplus AK slings: Do they get more flexible with use? I've just picked one up, and the webbing feels a bit stiff, especially where it goes through the real sling loop, meaning it doesn't run freely.
  5. bobthebuilder

    Pics of your Gear

    That's the tutorial I used to make mine. Except I eyeballed the size of my first one. ended up with something far too large. It'll happily fit 10000 rounds in it!
  6. bobthebuilder

    What's your backup?

    nowadays It's my lightly customised TM series 70 Or occasionally my BSG style Five-seven. but that's a bit of a brick to cart around.
  7. bobthebuilder

    Pics of your Gear

    That one was made by...me they really are very simple. just a pouch of fabric with the neck from a plastic bottle sewn into the opening.
  8. bobthebuilder

    Pics of your Gear

  9. bobthebuilder

    1911 Picture Thread

    Started off as a TM series 70 silverback laser grips TM Night warrior hammer re-profiled grip safety tail (to allow the hammer to work I think it needs a new trigger, but apart from that I like where it is. My aim is to make it a sort of “tactical concealment” pistol. something that would look just as much at home on the hip of a plainclothes detective as it would in the holster of a special forces door kicker.
  10. bobthebuilder

    FN Picture Thread

    Those are the one's, I have one from there. I misspoke when I said they where hard to find, so much as difficult to source. You can only get them at halfway reasonable prices through think geek, and that has it's own issues, what with shipping and customs etc. Makes me think twice about risking it for an airsoft game.
  11. bobthebuilder

    FN Picture Thread

    I have a bsg cosplay already. just gotta decide if I want to risk wearing it to a game (the vests are a pain to find) otherwise, I'll play it without the launcher, and display it with.
  12. bobthebuilder

    FN Picture Thread

    I got hold of it from a guy over in the US who makes a variety of sci-fi prop replicas. I'll pm you his details when I get home.
  13. bobthebuilder

    FN Picture Thread

    My Five-seven Closest I can get to a battlestar Galactica sidearm. And a nice first peice for my "sci-fi weapons" collection. now to work out if I can convert a phaser to fire BBs......
  14. bobthebuilder

    SADF M83 Chest Rig Review

    It's a good review. You go through all the features in a logical order, talk through all the major features, and hit all the key points that affect the user of that sort of product. Only thing I would say is that in future reviews, a short discussion on cost and value for money would be nice, although in this case it works without, as we know the price of these rigs fluctuates widely. Out of interest, have you actually run G3 mags in one of these? It looks like the perfect rig for my purposes, but I don't want to shell out only to find they won't quite work.
  15. bobthebuilder

    What's your backup?

    2 points on this: 1) the Glock was never entered into the trials at the time they selected the Beretta. Glock had only just started up in the handgun production field (the first trials for a new handgun where in '79-80, glock only came to market in '82) and the glock didn't meet the US millitary requirements anyway. 2) The Beretta categorically did win out over the Sig offering (the 226) on the grounds of cost. (See Pg18 - warning, PDF)

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