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  1. Back after a little break... Phew! :)

  2. Sometimes I feel like Boomarms is playing me for a mug! :'(

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    2. hitmanNo2


      Hmmm. We'll see I suppose. Let's hope it just isn't another wild date GM have plucked out of the air to temporally satisfy HK dealers.

    3. FTZ-WildeCard


      Tired of waiting! I've written to Johnny at Boomarms requesting a full refund. Hope he doesn't try to delay the process too much. :(

    4. DeltaZero
  3. You can get them from UK sellers for £160 or less. Don't bother importing them in this case.
  4. I need a SCAR PDW for my SCAR family. :'(

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    2. hitmanNo2


      A bounty isn't a raise on a twix. Bounties and snickers. Always the chocolates left in a selection box heh.

    3. DeltaZero


      Blasphemy! The two best bars! The wise man chooses the least popular ;)

    4. FTZ-WildeCard


      Nah, don't lump Snickers with Bounty! Bounty is the worst! Blurrrgh.

  5. - GoPro and Tracer BBs. Great for identifying dodgy hit taking in CQB.
  6. Krytac LMG ... what a dish! <3

    1. PureSilver


      I f'ing knew it! Kindly leave it with Aod for upgrades so I can burgle his house and steal it. Thanks!

    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      You know what, it's actually pretty damn good out of the box! It will be visiting Aod though for my mega-mwhaha-upgrade-project when it goes pop though! :)

  7. Despite my better judgement, I'm planning to order an AEG from Evike.com. Any issues importing into the UK? (ROHS related?) Thanks in advance.

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    2. Sallinen


      The one time I tried to order from Evike I was trying to get a 15 dollar piece because it was the only place where I could find it. In the end it wouldve cost me 90 dollars, including 15 dollar piece and the rest was shipping and handling.

    3. FTZ-WildeCard


      Yeah, small pieces are probably best picked up from HK, (or in country) but if it isn't available you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

    4. FTZ-WildeCard


      I bought a new toy, that's all I want to say right now. :)

  8. Now I just want it more.
  9. Shame Airsoft World doesn't have any spare mags in. They almost got me!
  10. RMR mount plates available now on Boom Arms. Found this on their Facebook feed.
  11. I don't know. He did say something about two pins that were punched out "inside".
  12. Waiting for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor to turn up. Wasn't even looking forward to it until about a week ago. Arkham Asylum style combat is what sold it to me, everything else is gravy! Hope it's as good as it looks. :-)
  13. CV done and dusted and my application sent off into the web. Fruitcake - I'm ready to pack it all in and go play pewpew! Who's with me??? :)

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    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      Gotta play the game to win a prize. Sooner you chuck that bottle the better! ;)

    3. scorch


      Oh I'm lobbing. Banging out emails cost nothing. Especially since I'm doing it on my current jobs computer.

    4. FTZ-WildeCard


      That's the spirit! ^_^ Good luck!

  14. Anyone had much experience with the Krytac Shrike? I've not found a lot of information on the Krytac series as a whole mind...

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    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      Planning to gut it at some point anyway, but I've heard the internals are pretty good from stock! I'm sure the receivers will be available as spares at some point. Wouldn't make sense not to sell them.

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Yeah, from my knowledge it seems on par durabilitywise with SHS/Lonex stuff. Time will tell for sure and I'm certain they'll carve their own reputation for parts out soon, but if they're as good as other people are recommending, I'd definitely snag some of their parts for testing.


    4. FTZ-WildeCard


      Don't suppose any of local retailers around you have picked up any Krytac stock?

  15. Agreed awesome, but G&P do offer the kit with a UBR already. http://www.gp-web.com/en/productspop.php?pid=3815
  16. Finally received my SureFire torch from the US! In loveeee! Planning to be up at the Towers in Leicester to try it out on the 27th. So far away.. but I'm happy for now.
  17. Is something up with boomarms.com? My Anti-Virus has started to flag it as a dangerous site. When skipping past that the site doesn't load properly. Not sure if it's just something local to me.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Nope. Widespread. They're working on fixing it now.

    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      Thanks for the heads up hitman! :)

    3. hitmanNo2


      FYI. It could take a while from what I gather so maybe they are doing e-mail orders when their holiday has finished.

  18. Looks good - has the option for Glock 20/21 with x300. No idea where to buy this particular option though in the UK. Will have a look on Google.
  19. Can't wait to receive mine! Just need to figure out where to get a light bearing holster for it!
  20. Sign up for alerts on the BTC website, best advice to be offered at the moment unfortunately! Well worth the wait though.
  21. I can understand that. Though if you saw how Costa treat his RS Glocks you'd be shocked haha. How are the tritium sights from this kit? Any good?
  22. Thanks Wolf - It certainly looks great! Do you have a holster for your set up?
  23. Wow love that! I'm waiting on my GM kit, same as yours -- how was it fitting and operating?
  24. TM Recoil SCAR H + BTC Spectre = HAPPY FRICK'N DAYS! :D

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    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      Nah, Alex - just got the build back from Aod. Was skirmishing it today... my godddd!


      Judgeman.. go treat yourself! :)

    3. DrAlexanderTobacco


      Leo: Ah, ok :D Just about to pull the trigger on a surplus headset and a GHK AKS-74U :D

    4. FTZ-WildeCard


      Ah, does that mean you'll be selling off anything? :)

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