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  1. fuzzhead

    Pics of your Gear

    Yh when i see it i think of a death mask will someone in the future find a Skeleton of heroshark with that on and be scared outta there mind
  2. fuzzhead

    Pics of your Gear

    what are those tank hats called sorry been looking for one ?
  3. fuzzhead


    im unsure what i want to get a vsr or an m14 and dmr it up there both so nice and stealth and sniping is my playing style
  4. fuzzhead

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    ive noticed the brackets pot metal so will of broken easy anyhow for £120 with battery it worked out good next im wanting a dragunov and an ak47/74
  5. fuzzhead

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    just bought this for £120 off a mate
  6. seems to work but i think it needs more leaves

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