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  1. blobface

    WE XDM

    Yeah I own WE GBBRs, my RA-Tech upgraded SCAR is one of my favourate, and it's not like there is a better alternative for that gun. They do require a good amount of internal upgrades though parts are readily available, but when it comes to pistol for me, if they are cloning a gun by a Japanese company, I'd usually just go for the original, like the XDM or PX4. Their new M&P looks fairly promising especially after the correct marking version is released, and since M&P is the current Taiwanese police's carry gun, it might mean that they were able to model it off that.
  2. blobface

    WE XDM

    Yeah NonEx, knowing you and your taste in nothing but the best, I was confused why you went for the WE XDM, the Marui one is only $70 more, but performs like a dream with better compatibility with Japanese third part upgrade companies' products... and since you're getting a metal slide anyway, the original plastic of the TM wouldn't be an issue at all..... !
  3. blobface

    Inokatsu M1911A1 Standard Edition

    Thing is the Nova frame or slide are CNC aluminium, while the real steel counterpart is steel, RA-Tech is the only company that produces a blued steel exterior for the gun... Like NonEx I spent a lot more cashish after the initial $850 just to make all the parts steel, also my front sight was horrendously loose, I'm planning to drill a hole on the slide just so that I can tap a grub screw which I then use to secure the front sight (from the inside), anyone else has that problem?
  4. blobface

    Tokyo Marui's XDM-40 4.5": first impressions

    Right, back from the Sunday game, the day was so hot @ 32c in the UK, and I had gone through about 7 full mags today under this heat, towards the end I went outside and just emptied everything as far as I could pull the trigger, which adds another 2 mag worth of firing, in rapid succession, but still no sign of nozzle explosion (for those who are wondering why it seems like I'm trying to break my XDM, well, in a way, I am, because I bought 2 reinforced nozzles after hearing everyone's nozzle issue, don't want to use them until the original fails!), ran on propane (Coleman with Airsoft innovation adapter), so for what it's worth, while it's undoubtable people have experienced failures with this gun, there are also TM XDMs out there that really has handled green without failure.
  5. blobface

    Tokyo Marui's XDM-40 4.5": first impressions

    Okay, after all the fear mongering I went off and bought not one but two airsoft surgeon reinforced nozzle for my TM XDM when it was released, but my original TM nozzle has yet to explode on me, the other week I was playing a game on one of the hottest days this summer in the UK (at around 28c!), and I will use it again tomorrow. I ran it on propane as usual using airsoft innovation propane adapter.. I'm starting to suspect the failures people have been experiencing are due to a bad batch.. As for why I choose propane / green, well, while I don't care for the extra 30fps, the gas is cheaper (atleast where I am), blowback feels much much crisper especially in the cold... will report if my nozzle explode tomorrow (supposedly 29c).
  6. blobface


    I have fired an AR15 before... but I can't say I have fired an AR15 with 10 mags attached to it, it's just the thumbnail looks like he was going all out, but when I watched the video it was very underwhelming... I mean... atleast throw a slidefire on it.
  7. blobface

    Tokyo Marui AK74Su

    Yeah I don't suppose they would just fit together, but I was wondering more in terms of if someone were to be determined enough, wonder if it's possible, don't really want to get both the gun and the kit to find out it's physically impossible due to something like gearbox width being too thick to even fit through the stamped receiver etc.
  8. blobface

    Tokyo Marui AK74Su

    I'd really want to get one of these but it's unfortunate that there are practically no aftermarket parts for it! Due to the wide range of full steel AKs out there.... I find it really difficult to go back to an aluminium / zinc gun... but the recoil feature sure sounds good as I'm a SOPMOD owner too... let's hope one day they'll make an AK with fire stop feature where it fires again only when someone pulls the charging handle after a fresh mag. *edit + question* Does anyone know how possible it would be for someone with a next-gen TM AK to fit a LCT AKS74U kit to it? Obviously it won't be a drop fit, but how much modding are we talking about? Assuming the LCT kit is a normal AK kit, I'd imagine this can be answered by someone who owns a standard AK as well as the marui next-gen AK, thanks! <-?
  9. blobface


    They have parts that I would have had trouble obtaining in Hong Kong without special orders... like the ICS trigger unit board for the pro series mp5... they stock accessories that many sites don't bother with, they aren't more expensive than the average UK retailers, and occasionally do amazing time limited discounts!
  10. blobface

    KJW M4

    As much as I am a fan for KJW due to their performance / material to price ratio, they really have to sort out their finishing techniques... their choice for anodising means everything looks like a toy, I can't believe that barrel is steel and they covered it with that finish....
  11. blobface

    MadBull PB04 with squash ball after firing

    it looks really.. wrong...
  12. blobface

    VFC MP5 (Umarex Licensed)

    I own this with 4 mags, however every one of those mags were leaking, and it suffered cool down really badly... when I was in Hong Kong, during summer.... don't have the tools over there to fix anything, but this platform needs to have a fair number of revisiting by VFC.
  13. blobface


    It looks like he really was winning in the picture until I saw the original video and it's an AR15... semi auto finger cramp ftw...

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