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  1. blobface

    LCT AK12

    Guess it's officially out, available on KIC That mag looks very IMI or FAB defence, in all the bad ways.
  2. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    The gold is supposedly Titanium Nitride coating, the same coating seen on some drill bits and cutting tools. For airsoft it's entirely looks, but for real steel it does have good properties for steel exposed to a lot of heat... so you'd almost need to add another cosmetic black coating just to cover the gold if you want that physical property on the metal's surface.
  3. blobface

    CZ Picture Thread

    Mah it was an airsoft one made by Spear Arms. Bought it from eHob way back. I just mistreated it to make it look old and terrible.
  4. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    GHK why problem make when you no problem have you don't want to make?
  5. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    I owned the full steel VFC Glock 17 before with CO2 mag and the fugly base, back when it was Stark Arms, the external was lovely and the internals were okay, but it performed fairly average, didn't kick very hard on co2 and just works on green gas. So I'm hoping this is a complete revamp with different blowback engine would make it kick more like the FNX series in the shape of a Glock. There's no real way to find out without owning one, and I don't even know where those guys got their steel slides from (their builds were G34s)... will wait and see.
  6. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    Words from HK is saying that full steel builds based on the latest Umarex / VFC Glock kicks harder than a TM Glock with Volante BBU by a significant margin, which in my book pretty much puts it on top. I'm trying not to think too much about it at the moment as I have four TM Glock steel builds so that's giving me major FOMO.
  7. blobface

    GHK AK(M) Compatibility with real parts?

    This probably helps.
  8. blobface

    GHK AK(M) Compatibility with real parts?

    If you're happy to pay extra for trades, you could just get the clone one engraved by companies such as Run In Workshop. I own the TWS and the GHK AKs, and can confirm it won't fit without some weird surgery required as suggested above..
  9. blobface

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

    Hope this doesn't go down the route of wherever that semi-auto shotgun went.
  10. blobface

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    This is awesome, $169 usd from KIC, or $1099 Hong Kong street price ($140 usd), will definitely be picking one up to complete another steel build, will work out so much cheaper than my previous builts factoring in shipping costs...
  11. blobface

    1911 Picture Thread

    If you were a perfectionist you'd know that you're witnessing perfection.
  12. blobface

    1911 Picture Thread

    Takes out two enemy combatants at the same time, as long as the shooter and the target are both your enemies...
  13. blobface

    LCT EBB prototypes - MP5, SCAR H, M16, G3, CQBR

    Wonder how the LCT one compares with the BOLT mp5, which as far as I remember is also stamped steel and has decent recoil. With LCT officially doing an MP5 though, there's hope for a GHK MP5.
  14. blobface

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    I doubt your £5 mag would work for any of the next gen guns with bolt stop features...
  15. blobface

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    The EVO mag is a bit cheaper, but... we're talking about $30 a mag here, which is likely to be a little lower if sourced from Taiwan, it's on the high end of AEG mag prices but I wouldn't call it "Way too expensive" IMO, "way too expensive" would be the GBB priced GBLS DAS magazine at over $50 each.
  16. blobface

    TM HK417D

    TM Next-gen 417, completely stock, not even re-wired for deans, impulse bought back when Zero Dark Thirty came out, never used. Comes with VFC CQB length handguard (fitted as shown in photo), with original TM barrel extension and handguard, also a VFC steel flash hider and 5 mags. Never skirmished, never fired. *Note, if wanted, suppressor and AAC flash hider and barrel extension highlighted will be £80 on top, the model is the SVOBODA AAC 762 SDN-6, not the standard aluminium version, but the steel model. £650 + shipping
  17. blobface

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    Should be a tad cheaper ordering from Taiwan (like KIC), not bad.
  18. blobface

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I'm always a bit torn with putting steel everything on AEGs, especially ARs, because in my case (especially with next-gen recoils), they end up weighing heavier than the real thing with a loaded mag, which for me is a bigger sin than being too light, GBBR's most definitely, but with the gearbox and recoil weight, it ends up being too beefy before putting all the tactical christmas tree decoration on.
  19. ... might have to, no matter how pointless.
  20. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    This is something that has been very long in the making, thanks to Jim of LCs Engineering for performing the black magic. KWA ERG AK74 surgically transplanted into a E&L Steel body, everything you see externally is from the steel kit, only internals of the ERG was used, it was far from a drop in conversion but after the work, most things are now AEG standardised so parts can still be switched out, has a Tula 10000 rail fixed to the (spare) dust cover, with a PK-06 on top. This has a mild recoil sensation, I'd say similar to TM gen 1 recoil (Think TM recoil AK or G36, weaker than TM SOPMOD), has stop on empty, and requires charging of the bolt to reactivate upon putting in a fresh mag. Accompanying the AK74M is a Ghost Island full steel Makarov PMM with rs Bakelite grip.
  21. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Nah, I haven't, wonder how they would compare on green.
  22. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I've had two now, the original W&S kit which works for normal GHK bolt, and this one which comes with everything you need. I've only been to one game with the older W&S full travel kit and it works well enough for me to run through a whole day on green gas, it wasn't winter though so average temp was around 12°. This kicks noticeable harder than what I originally had on, with the Hephaestus heavy recoil kit, the bolt carrier with gas piston weighed 345g (I don't have the original gas piston lying around anymore to weigh that combination), this full steel bolt carrier with piston weighs 439g (both with nozzle). I would definitely recommend either using Guarder black gas or DH for the full experience in colder weather, given that if you're getting the full travel kit you're after that extra bit of realism anyway. When I tested this on a DH mag, the kick is really great, I will try to get it on video to maybe compare the gas types.
  23. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Same GHK gun but with the latest W&S full travel one piece steel bolt carrier installed, it has a few updates, includes a more realistic recoil spring, and the bolt is fully captive with the spring in place so it won't "jump out" of the receiver rails causing damage to either receiver or bolt carrier. For those wondering what this monstrosity is, I've been playing too much Escape from Tarkov.
  24. blobface

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    Damn, I was expecting Scorpion Evo 3 price at most, it's even more than that, looks like I'll be looking to see if it could be (a lot) cheaper buying direct from Taiwan.. That said, given that this is a new gearbox design, with in built mosfet, with new magazines design and stop on empty... I think it's fair enough if we don't compare it to the prices we're used to seeing from other existing MP7, but to look at it as a new gun entirely, which it sort of is.
  25. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    TM next-gen 416D converted to 416C, battery in RVG Grip (7.4v 1000 mah), VFC 416C Handguard with modded Z-Part steel barrel and gas block front sight. You did... what? Remington RAHG for VFC, full marking by RunInWorkshop, integrated TM tracer, no gas block / mock piston installed for easy battery access, can take larger batteries in handguard too. Tracer timed as such so you can turn it off / on through the bottom of the handguard.

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