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  1. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I've had two now, the original W&S kit which works for normal GHK bolt, and this one which comes with everything you need. I've only been to one game with the older W&S full travel kit and it works well enough for me to run through a whole day on green gas, it wasn't winter though so average temp was around 12°. This kicks noticeable harder than what I originally had on, with the Hephaestus heavy recoil kit, the bolt carrier with gas piston weighed 345g (I don't have the original gas piston lying around anymore to weigh that combination), this full steel bolt carrier with piston weighs 439g (both with nozzle). I would definitely recommend either using Guarder black gas or DH for the full experience in colder weather, given that if you're getting the full travel kit you're after that extra bit of realism anyway. When I tested this on a DH mag, the kick is really great, I will try to get it on video to maybe compare the gas types.
  2. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Same GHK gun but with the latest W&S full travel one piece steel bolt carrier installed, it has a few updates, includes a more realistic recoil spring, and the bolt is fully captive with the spring in place so it won't "jump out" of the receiver rails causing damage to either receiver or bolt carrier. For those wondering what this monstrosity is, I've been playing too much Escape from Tarkov.
  3. blobface

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    Damn, I was expecting Scorpion Evo 3 price at most, it's even more than that, looks like I'll be looking to see if it could be (a lot) cheaper buying direct from Taiwan.. That said, given that this is a new gearbox design, with in built mosfet, with new magazines design and stop on empty... I think it's fair enough if we don't compare it to the prices we're used to seeing from other existing MP7, but to look at it as a new gun entirely, which it sort of is.
  4. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    TM next-gen 416D converted to 416C, battery in RVG Grip (7.4v 1000 mah), VFC 416C Handguard with modded Z-Part steel barrel and gas block front sight. You did... what? Remington RAHG for VFC, full marking by RunInWorkshop, integrated TM tracer, no gas block / mock piston installed for easy battery access, can take larger batteries in handguard too. Tracer timed as such so you can turn it off / on through the bottom of the handguard.
  5. blobface

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    This might not necessarily apply but someone's WE M4 mag exploded inside a car from being left in the sun filled with green gas, resulted in a damaged windscreen, there was a video of it on YouTube if I recall correctly. The question is, how much stronger is the MP5 mags? Also, how does the pressure of CO2, 850psi in room temperature, compared to propane under the sun? At 70c°, which is pretty hot, the pressure is only 360 PSI, less than half of CO2, probably similar to what's inside a hot car yet a WE mag exploded, so I wouldn't want to bet my fingers on this, but if you have facility to safely test the failure point of this magazine, like how Devilhunter had hydro tested his experiments, then sure, but I certainly wouldn't just "go for it" and see what happens... You could argue solid piece is actually worse, three piece design means there are weak points at the join, perhaps resulting in bulging in the joints (thus relatively safe leak), where as a solid piece only has one way to fail if the valve doesn't first.
  6. blobface

    Umarex dual CO2 Shell Ejecting Lever Action Rifle

    Oh 💩, I saw the chrono and immediately assumed that was in meters, so like 390 fps, it was so low res I didn't look properly, is it actually 120 fps?! Yeah the first thing I thought about was 3D printing disposable shells, although PLA isn't biodegradable and the only thing that is for your average home printer is PVA, which is quite expensive compared to PLA.
  7. blobface

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    It started off as a rear wire SOPMOD, and just realised I've now owned this gun for 10 years... it's gone through loads of different looks, as for the M16, the buffer tube, recoil weight and barrel made / modded by LCs Engineering, handguard is a real one which I picked up for £20 from eBay.
  8. blobface

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me using a TM next-gen M16A...something..!
  9. blobface

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    *Oh nope, massively brain fart, you're right, it's 12 x 1mm LH, somehow thought it was 0.5 when I was posting, I'd modelled it as 12 x 1 as well..! Let's see if I can find helicoil in this thread!
  10. blobface

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    Yeah it makes no sense, although mind you I don't have the stock WE barrel but a steel barrel set with FH, but it would be really weird to change the thread in a 3rd party kit, don't have the original outer barrel to hand anymore to check!
  11. blobface

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    Helicoil would be perfect for this, but I wasn't able to find a 12 x 0.5mm left handed one! Quite an unusual pitch for something this large and being left handed makes it even harder, no idea what WE was thinking... I could just send it to you if you want?
  12. blobface

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    Yeah these threads are definitely very weak, afterall this is more of an exercise than a real product. Normal airsoft thread at 14 x 1mm LH is almost good enough for plinking use, especially PLA taps quite well compared to SLS nylon, but I wouldn't go skirmish with one, probably won't survive a hard hit to a wall or the ground which happens sometimes in a heated game, but this one would have no chance, the thread is 12 x 0.5mm LH...! With the neck being so thin the only way to make it would be to machine a rod to be inserted then bonded to the inside, I've already ordered a 12 x 0.5mm LH tap from eBay, which will take over a month to get here apparently... lol I'm not sure what to do with the file tbh, given it's plastered with trademarks and the threads not being strong enough for me to be comfortable to sell to people via Shapeways, I'd probably just leave it..
  13. blobface

    H&K Picture Thread

    WE / New Wave MP7 GBB with 3D printed Brevis III tracer unit.
  14. blobface

    WE G3

    Yeah this looks to perform much better than the VFC version.
  15. blobface


    Not sure if it works but it's on Bunny's facebook page.
  16. blobface


    Oh man, yes please! Also footage of their 2019 version of the MP5SD looks to perform really well, so here's to hoping the MPX will actually work well for VFC standard..!
  17. 4:44 This is our SKS semi-auto rifle 4:50 This gun will be the first product our company release worldwide. 4:55 The colour is only the way it is due to being a factory prototype, the final version will have the right colour at the right places. 5:13 This gun will be released in gas powered and co2 powered versions. They will have blowback action, locked on empty. 5:28 There will be two versions of this rifle in the future, a full steel version, and a full alloy version, this will be a really awesome and fun gun to play with. This is very cool, I can only hope it will actually work, it's one thing for a new company to release an AEG, but whole other thing for them to release a gas blowback, it took VFC almost a decade to still get it wrong..
  18. blobface

    Hephaestus GBB PP19-01

    Likely based on the LCT PP19, Hephaestus has announced that they are working on a PP19-01 Very limited information so far, but will update thread as they reveal more.
  19. blobface

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    Another M4, yey! No seriously, this is pretty cool. For those of us that remember Real Sword mythical electric blowback with realistic bolt group, this Korean company seems to have beaten them to it! If you pause the video where you can see the mag, it seems like it has feed lips like GBB, wonder if it stops firing at the last round and locks to the rare as well, if so, this might be something I would abandon my TM next-gen for! (provided the Korean power level can be improved)
  20. blobface

    E&L - QBZ-95

  21. blobface


    I saw the redwolf video and the cool down didn't seem too promising given how big the mag is and how low cap it is as well... Do you have any Guarder black gas to try this gun with?
  22. blobface

    CZ Picture Thread

    .... sorry lol
  23. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Small update to my GHK AK, Zenit PT-3 stock, Hogue grip, Pilad mini.
  24. blobface

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Oh nice, good to see things are still being developed for this platform, it was a sad sight to see MK1 increasingly being phased out, good to see the MK3 sticking to gas in shell...!
  25. IKR I was prepared to get angry at this post by them announcing the NGRS AKM +/ AK74, because I've already built one based on the KWA ERG series (which is currently being hacked to take a E&L steel kit), but these don't look too inspiring, let's hope they have some more stuff up their sleeves.

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