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    Hephaestus GBB PP19-01

    This would be the first time they "make" a magazine... those other mags were just modification from existing GHK mags, and it's their BB feed tubes that they messed up, I have two of their long AK mags, they worked, but not perfectly, my orange one splits a little bit when it's loaded full, I had to bond them together. The other thing is their Tavor performed poorly compared to any other GHK guns, and this PP-19-01, like the Tarkov, will be internals of their own, so I'll wait patiently for reviews and videos before putting money into this platform.
  2. blobface


    Didn't these stupid Asians with no sense of innovation invent Airsoft...?
  3. blobface

    Glock Picture Thread

    Blackhawk Omnivore! I used to have to make custom kydex holster for every pistol I own, but the Omnivore works for everything with a surefire light, and unlike kydex the holster never touches the slide snugly, avoiding any wear to the finishes.
  4. blobface


    The UMP 9 did something really interesting in regards to bolt lock, instead of using hardened steel or just letting it degrade, at the corner on the bolt where it comes in contact with the catch, they just added a hex screw, so the bolt catch comes in contact with the hex screw head instead of the bolt itself, and if the screw does wear down, you can just buy a good quality metric hex screw to replace it (that is, if the hex slot isn't damaged and you can still withdraw it)... it's a really cheap and clever solution (if it works).
  5. blobface


    Oh man, I've been really enjoying my UMP9, although it hasn't seen a lot of use, I keep falling for VFC stuff despite knowing they are pretty wallhangers, but so far the UMP9 has proved to be more than that, let's see how much it will self destruct as time goes. I have heard nice things about the new VFC ARs and people seem to be able to play with them okay, let's just hope they continue (albeit rather slowly) to up their game.
  6. blobface

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    [emoji41] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. blobface

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    I'm actually hoping for minimum to no recoil, the TM gas tanks don't hold that much as is and the capacity of the original gun wasn't that great, I'd be happy if they use just enough gas to cycle the semi-auto firing, but not into any felt recoil, because to have anywhere near enough that it feels good, the efficiency would be very poor, and any half way attempt would be so worthless that it might as well not be there to trade off for the skirmish efficiency. *either that or it's a double action trigger... :S
  8. blobface

    1911 Picture Thread

    Real steel ones work over TM long mags already I think, just had to make this one up for CO2.
  9. blobface

    1911 Picture Thread

    A quick update of my RWA full steel GRP 1911 with a prototype I'm working on, it fits over KJW CO2 magazine and retains with the original pin, this was a rough print I did which I sprayed black, will get the final version in better plastic from Shapeways. Thinking about making a version that increases BB capacity (by securing the pad on either side with grub screws instead of a pin all the way through), might require a new spring though. In any case, will probably put the different versions up on sale on Shapeways.. think I might get in trouble if I leave the logo on there though if it's for sale, should probably take it off.
  10. blobface

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Yeah hitman pretty much got all of it, pistol grip is off, only Toysoldier sold Hogue AEG grip, he also had a BCM foregrip (which I do have but it's annoyingly in grey, prefer not to have foregrip for skinny rail anyway), need RMR 45° mount, a different Trijicon scope, and a PRI MSTN comp that no longer exist for airsoft, TTI mag extension plate needed too, and on the pistol, I think he had green fibre instead of red (with the stippling also being different).
  11. blobface

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Next-gen TM AR with Laylax blank lower and Vltor upper, Cerakoted and engraved with TTI markings, RS BCM KMR ALPHA Keymod Handguard 13" and EMOD stock. Engraving done by Runin workshop. Trijicon TR24 on Larue mount.
  12. blobface

    Popular culture inspired collection and loadouts

    New to the John Wick 2 collection, next-gen TM AR with Laylax blank lower and Vltor upper, Cerakoted and engraved with TTI markings, RS BCM KMR ALPHA Keymod Handguard 13" and EMOD stock. Engraving done by Runin workshop. Trijicon TR24 on Larue mount.
  13. blobface

    Tokyo Marui MTR16 GBBR

    One does not need justification for speed holes, it improves the aerodynamics of your operation by reducing drag.
  14. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    God damn, that looks awesome, surprisingly..!
  15. blobface

    WE G3

    Oh right in relation to the inner barrel, I was thinking the outer barrel but yeah, since the inner barrel so super thin you wouldn't want it dangling on its own the whole way.
  16. blobface

    WE G3

    Trying to figure out how it could be worse for airsoft in my head... the only reason it'd be bad would be if it's loose? Then again if it's loose it wouldn't matter if it was free floating, if everything was tightly fitted, I can't imagine it affecting accuracy in any meaningful way for airsoft, it's not like we have barrel harmonics.
  17. blobface

    WE G3

    Sure but the result's still the same, it makes it not technically "wrong"
  18. blobface

    WE G3

    YouTube suggested Larry Viker's Iranian G3 video to me, it looks like the G3 he had there doesn't have the ridges on the charging handle tube... so perhaps it's unfair to say LCT's version is unrealistic due to that!
  19. blobface

    WE G3

    I thought his point of posting those pictures was to say that there's no need to try to attempt to put the WE inside an LCT because the external is already nicer.
  20. blobface

    WE G3

    I'm putting this on mine...
  21. blobface

    WE G3

    Someone correct if I'm wrong but aren't WE's MP5 and AKs steel bodied? Seems odd to assume they would downgrade to not having stamp steel bodies when they've shown they are capable.
  22. blobface

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Most definitely not to your second question, the new shells are basically an empty cylinder where gas passes through to propel the wad, nothing will strike the valve of the mark one shell if you put them in a MK2 gun.
  23. blobface

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Lol it's not my gun, you can buy it from bunny workshop, pretty sure they have more photos on their website for you to drool over.
  24. blobface

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    You get more mag for your mag... great.
  25. blobface

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    God damn GRIM that was insane, does that event happen every year? What is it like?

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