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  1. ^ I'm sure he learned it the hard way.... lol Accessory update to my old GHK based AMD-65... Got a sight rail and a little Russian VOMZ reflex sight on it.
  2. It's based on Haley Strategic's Rifle Dynamic AK...lol You can tell he either wears one glove or awkwardly avoids the gas tube with his thumb to not get burned.
  3. Oh, that's the build I had before I put all the Kreb custom and TWS stuff on. Still haven't done the engraving for the little pink dragonfly Haley Strategic logo, what I found with this is that the RDS is just too far forward for my liking, hence the TWS rail.
  4. There was an HK company who sold a batch of GHK based Real Sword AKs, video showed that it cycled pretty poorly for GHK standard, but it... worked.
  5. Sounds like you're almost describing Bunny's latest AK.
  6. Once a GHK AK105, spent some time as a Haley Strategic AK, now I'm not quite sure what this is.
  7. APS shell HS double barrel shotgun with full stock crafted by professional gunsmiths with Carnik Con tactical wrap.
  8. err that wasn't the search bar

  9. Nice, that's impressive the bolt is a drop in! Might get one
  10. All updated, but it was complaining some of the walls were too thin, so I had to thicken them, which brought the price down (weird)?! I'll just leave it on there in case someone wants it, but it's pretty pricey for something that just gets shot away, perhaps the thicker wall means it won't break after being shot out!
  11. Wait wait wait wait, updating files lol Going to round it a bit more so it should look better, and making the "fins" smaller to fit around the wad better.
  12. £20.47 for white and £22.33 for the coloured versions! Each pack has 30, so it's still pretty dang pricey.
  13. This might be the dumbest thing I've ever made... I can easily 3D print them at home and do them in batches over night / while I'm away, by combining them into a bunch, it's still too expensive from Shapeways. http://shpws.me/OymB Low quality quick print test, looks pretty good, wish I had transparent filament still!
  14. How did you remove the black stuff btw? Acetone? (tried nail polish remover but didn't work) *just manged it with the back of a scalpel by slowly scrapping it off.... 2 down... 23 to go
  15. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E7%84%A1%E5%A5%88 This is the word they used to describe the situation in that response. "Helpless", "unfortunate", "without an alternative". Those words don't quite capture the full meaning of the word, but there you go. The question though is whether the old shells will still be made for markets that can buy them. Just left a message in Chinese about whether they are discontinued, hopefully he'd respond if he knows.
  16. Yeah I got 25 smart shells, they're great.
  17. Yup, sadly so, I'm really hoping this is just another line of product, and they aren't discontinuing the APS gas shells, as much as I don't think I'll ever buy any more, I'd just hate to see this awesome system die off. Now, just a bit of blue sky dreaming, gas charge bolts would be excellent if they made a gas bolt for a Benelli M3 / Spas 12 that fires the APS gas shells, so all the gas in the bolt is doing is power the recoil action, and when the gas for the recoil action runs out, you can immediately switch to pump mode for manual mode, this could also be fairly efficient as unlike a n
  18. Couple of translations from the video posts' comment section from Alan Hsu: On why going back to gasless shells: "It's somewhat frustrating, but gas shells are in a legally grey area in some countries." On how many shots per charge: "max 15 shots."
  19. From eBay.... it's a real one... for the same reason you've described, I've had 3 clone Elcans and they weren't any good in spectacularly different ways.
  20. Mags? Yeah it's compatible.
  21. It'd be really impressive if the bolt is a drop in fit for the older models. I still like the gas shell a lot for its flexibility, a lot of us have done all sorts of weird projects with these shells because of how easy it is to make things shoot the aps shells, I'm also not convinced that little bolt can hold all that much gas, will have to wait and see. Shells will no doubt be cheaper, I'm hoping some 3rd party will start producing dirt cheap cardboard ones that you buy in 50s at a time.
  22. I have a Tm next gen g36k I've been wanting to sell for a while with 5 mags, pm if interested.
  23. I wonder if part of the Cybergun deal is to fix their damn magazines.
  24. That's ... err, interesting, I wonder how many shots you can get out of one charge, I can see the benefit of not having to worry about expensive shells, but unless it can do 40-50 shots per charge it won't be the most practical if you gotta charge every 10 rounds.
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