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  1. Welp, there goes the student loan on a Marui Scar-H. Who says food is important, anyway?

    1. Sallinen


      No one when you need a new toygun :P I feel your pain.

  2. Can anybody remember whether the 'you can only order RIFs to your UKARA registered address if that is what you are using as a defence' thing is retailer specific or just a general thing?

    1. FireKnife


      Nope, the billing address must match your UKARA, delivery can be to any address. At least that is how I have found it.

    2. Krydel
  3. BTC Spectre for £60! Damn, getting access to arnies classifieds is the best and most dangerous thing for my bank account.

  4. Are £20 Revision Desert Locust Goggles likely to be clones? Are there even clones of them?

    1. renegadecow


      Yes, there are clones. But over here they're more like $20. Bought real Bullet Ants before for $60.

    2. Krydel
    3. renegadecow


      That's entirely up to you. They'll stop a bb just as well as those knockoff Bolle X800s, just not buckshot or .22s like the real ones. Make sure to test it all the same with the highest fps on field before using it.

  5. G&P VLTOR uppers are damned impossible to find for AEG spec :(

  6. Anybody know the OEM of the Cybergun EGLM? Trying to decide between this, the Ares one and the VFC one for my g5 :D (Hoping it fits when carbine kit is on it!)

  7. APS ACP 601 co2 pistol? Interesting, this has completely slipped my radar until today.

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