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  1. Just out of curiosity (and probably a silly question) do ERG magazines work in normal AEG? Feeding every last BB is always a plus.
  2. Excellent call, ordered one of those, that will do nicely. Thanks The Pretender
  3. Figured this was the best place to ask: Anyone know if the real noveske keymod rail pieces fit on the madbull nsr handguards? The madbull made 9-slot is too long for my purposes and getting in the way of an otherwise incredibly comfortable grip and noveske make a 4-slot.
  4. Perhaps ask them to chrono one for you before you purchase? A lot of retailers are quite happy to do it
  5. I found them an absolute *badgeress* to prod out, but if you get a really small/thin traditional L-shaped allen key you can get to them to poke out quite easily
  6. One of my magazine's had the same problem as Honzo, so I did the same thing - took out soaked the valve o rings for a while. Instead of fixing the problem, when i put everything back together and tightened it back up, all gas that went in through the fill valve came straight out the outlet valve. Bizarre, as thats pretty much the one thing that IS meant to work. Gave it to a tech and he said he couldn't for the life of him get it to hold gas and there was nothing for it but a new valve or a new mag. Ended up just getting a new mag. Odd, because tightening the base screws and siliconing the
  7. BTC Spectre for £60! Damn, getting access to arnies classifieds is the best and most dangerous thing for my bank account.

  8. Speaking of soaking o rings: Meant to post on here a while ago when I still had my G5. I had issues with it not being able to fire on full auto because the nozzle couldn't return fast enough and would be very tight in the bolt. This happened after a strip down and a maintain. After a couple months sitting in a case it begun working absolutely fine again. My guess is I shouldn't have put silicon anywhere near the grey o ring as it seems it had swollen enough to stop proper cycling! Probably a very common sense thing but any newbies out there to maintenance take heed!
  9. Apologies for the incomplete gun and poor quality photo...going to have a custom suppressor machined for me to achieve the 'internal/integrally suppressed' look. Going to have the thread far enough in so it falls just short of the gas block, but need your opinions on how far I should have it stick out the end! Got an 11" Rail on it...thoughts? Also going to put a HK416c stock on it if I can get hold of one too
  10. Any pictures of the ICS CXP retractable stock on any AR15 that isn't the CXP concept rifle itself?
  11. Are £20 Revision Desert Locust Goggles likely to be clones? Are there even clones of them?

    1. renegadecow


      Yes, there are clones. But over here they're more like $20. Bought real Bullet Ants before for $60.

    2. Krydel
    3. renegadecow


      That's entirely up to you. They'll stop a bb just as well as those knockoff Bolle X800s, just not buckshot or .22s like the real ones. Make sure to test it all the same with the highest fps on field before using it.

  12. Not quite the 'miracle product' they often make it out to be, especially with the milky/smokey haze it puts over things, but cool nonetheless. When they figure out how to make it clear, I'll jump on the bandwagon. Still waterproof, nearly one year later?
  13. 100 post limit seems entirely fair, especially considering half the appeal of arnies classifieds is that everyone you deal with is an establish contributor to the airsoft community. I'm nearly at the golden 100 posts and i'm quite looking forward to not have to be skeptical when looking through classifieds like i am with zeroin! Perhaps if you've been a contributor for X amount of time fairly regularly but never hit the 100 post, individual assessment?
  14. Would be interested to know this as well. Seen a fair few TM MP7s go up for sale recently as 'great condition, recently had new nozzle installed' of people obviously fed up and getting rid - hoping that they're opting for new batches or something as opposed to giving up on an otherwise great piece of kit!
  15. Don't suppose you'd mind posting what BTC said to you? I'll end up with one at some point and if it's common would be good to know the official word on the matter
  16. Its a shame the finish on the receivers are so bad, these would be great to mess around with externally if you could rely on the base receiver. Free float rail and a PEQ box for the battery would be lovely.
  17. It's coming Was mentioned earlier in the thread.
  18. Quite a blurry photo - difficult to judge how big it is without reference, but could it be one of the metal reinforcement parts that they've started putting on their newer polymer slides?
  19. G&P VLTOR uppers are damned impossible to find for AEG spec :(

  20. Any sign of these appearing in stock anywhere? Really want one, despite my wallet crying for me not to buy one.
  21. I've been using GG (well, propane, so actually worse) for my stock XDM with no issues whatsoever, even during that heatwave we had last summer. The only thing that goes on GG is the nozzle which you can replace with an airsoft surgeon one for about £15. The newer TM pistols have a bigger BBU so there is a bit more stress on everything. So, whilst there is something to be said for exercising caution, the slides are also reinforced significantly more than the older models, so it balances out somewhere along the lines. Should the plastic slide break, there is a plethora of after-market slides whi
  22. Does anyone have the same 'problem' Tim from Redwolf highlighted where the recoil action tends to go both front to back AND side to side (sort of like horizontal recoil)?
  23. Ah, wasn't meant to be snubbing you by the way! The G5 barrel is fine, how much you'd actually notice in accuracy terms between 6.04 -> is 6.01 is debatable. As you say, you'd be better off changing the hop rubber or otherwise.
  24. This is what Samoon states the inner barrel is on the stock inner barrel. http://gyazo.com/1bcf42eeed32b51dc4c6edeaa9a6f588
  25. I have put the original one back on to no avail. I tried the black one but as suspected is too small to seal so it doesn't blow back at all. I recall taking the bolt guide inserts out made it work fine but I'd wager its not entirely safe.
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