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  1. Installed the 1J bolt and the nozzle can't return quick enough/gets caught so i can't use full auto. Semi works, but only if you leave a second inbetween each shot. Any ideas? O-ring or rail guides seem to be whats catching. http://youtu.be/g0N7ZEnDkDk
  2. My new addition to the g5. Solves the incredibly uncomfortable stock pistol brick *cough* grip problem I was having. Looks a bit funky but is incredibly comfortable and a slightly better angle on it. Also have fitted the azimuth speed nub and it gives a very satisfying thud when using the charging handle now. Yet to be able to fire to see the ROF difference but shall do soon. My new "reinforced" g5 body and 1J bolt should arrive Monday so thats something else to fiddle with P.s. note the crack towards the rear of the lower receiver. Its a shame, hasn't even been skirmished. Will
  3. On the contrary, it fits perfectly on the rail. However, the carbine kit rail is too long, hence ongoing custom project.
  4. Free (well, i had to pay $17 shipping, but that's nothing really) reinforced lower receiver on the way! Pretty sure that the spare lower receiver i ordered a couple weeks ago will be the same thing because they simply quoted me for the same part number as that one, but having another spare reinforced lower receiver can't be a bad thing! Let me know how you get on transplanting the trigger internals. Also picked up the 1J bolt/nozzle whilst i was at it. Not bad for $37 all in. There is talk of me removing the lower rail / the lower section of the carbine kit's body in order to fit an EG
  5. Exactly the same as mine. Do you know how it is reinforced? I have a spare stock body
  6. Interesting...I have one at the back of my lower receiver too...will be good to see picture to see if its in same place.
  7. Sorry about the delay and shoddy picture, my dSLR is packed away for my imminent move of house! Fitted the kit with minimal trouble, aside from the fiddly-as-hell thread inserts falling out. A small bit of tape soon fixed that problem though. The kit itself is solid, with no creaks or wobbles if shaken. My only possible issue I might face is the small gap in the ris where the original bottom rail and the extended bottom rail meet, but fingers crossed it will be fine. I have an EGLM arriving early next week which should answer that question fairly rapidly. The good news is the smaller b
  8. So I messaged Samoon about getting sub 350fps and they said they would make a 1J bolt for me getting them to test with the long barrel too.
  9. EDIT** How embarassing, i put the thread inserts in back to front. My bad, ignore this!
  10. Any ideas of how to crack open the nozzle? It seems to be glued together from two pieces
  11. Anybody know the OEM of the Cybergun EGLM? Trying to decide between this, the Ares one and the VFC one for my g5 :D (Hoping it fits when carbine kit is on it!)

  12. Mine's currently being thrown around the post office whilst they decide when they're going to send me the customs letter to pay. Will take pics and review when i get my hands on it!
  13. Would anyone be so kind as to measure their inner barrel? Its meant to be approx 200mm but would like an exact measurement so i can decide which replacement to get. (forgot to mention I don't get mine back for a couple weeks still)
  14. G5 carbine kit is for sale on samoon website. Buybuybuy. *EDIT* Bought one along with a load of spares (mostly charging handles so i can hk slap at will)
  15. From what i hear, "sliding off the baseplate" is more "apply hammer to baseplate" to get it off. Shall have to brave it with mine at some point, as i've one of those silent leaks Emailed milspecsolutions about this - end of the month apparently! --- Unrelated note, anyone ever had problems with retailers being funny about spares for guns if you didn't buy the gun itself from them? I've had 2 retailers be a bit cagey about me asking for spares then being quoted suspiciously high prices... I'm all for rewarding return customers, but it really irks me when this happens.
  16. Got mine on the way from Fire Support, can't wait to admire it.
  17. Samoon replied to my email telling me they are 6.04. I *think* somebody mentioned earlier it takes AEG barrels. I'll look into trying to source an orga magnus barrel in the UK. Cheers!
  18. Excellent, best get saving for a SD kit then! Anyone got pics of their xdm with a metal black slide on? Can't decide whether i like the silvery ones or not / if the black aftermarket slides change the look at all from the plastic one.
  19. APS ACP 601 co2 pistol? Interesting, this has completely slipped my radar until today.

  20. I don't actually know myself, although as the RA tech precision barrel is 6.01 I would wager it was 6.03mm or similar stock. Samoon's GHK spare part for it doesn't state the dimensions.
  21. Shooters Design, Nova, Detonator, Airsoft Surgeon and Creation all make aftermarket metal slides. So much choice! Looking at getting one of these (the pistol itself), wouldn't know which to get. Doesn't seem to be much wrong with the cheaper ones.
  22. Who wants to recommend this rookie a wide bore barrel to reduce fps by 20ish? (if that's possible?) All the gear, no idea.
  23. Did anyone actually get a wide bore barrel to try out / one they know fits? If the carbine kit comes with the option of not buying the inner barrel, I may just invest in a wide bore instead of waiting for an npas
  24. Propane is my gas of choice. Green + Abbey gas are simply too expensive to run my GBBs with as a long term solution. If it fires hot on Propane, I'd rather find a way of restricting the flow than spend out on overpriced gas, but thats just me
  25. Interesting - might have to be a weary of visiting other sites not using madbull chronos then! I fear i must be the only one with a g5 that chronos hot in the UK
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