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  1. Not sure who the question is directed to, but mine was firing at 360-70fps, which is too hot for my local site (350fps) and definitely too for those 330fps CQB limited sites. Anything 330 and below would be great. Not sure whether my friends Xcortech chorono or my local site's Madbull chrono is wrong, but the latter insists its around 320-30fps, whereas the former puts it at the above fps, firing hot. Suppose i can't complain, at least its not the other way round!
  2. I got the pistol a few days ago second hand complete with a crack at the front of the slide, so I had a spare on order as soon as I got it. Managed about 150 shots off today (25ish degrees) with propane and the entire front section flew off! Ooh didn't know about the metal inserts. I'll make sure to check that out on the replacement. Was debating whether to keep hold of the px4 or sell it on because the pre-existing crack made me think it was pre-disposed to breaking under propane.
  3. Interesting, shall bear that in mind when considering my options. Thanks! Further to my other past slide gave way after about 50rds.
  4. Anybody got any pictures of their m93r with a compensator on the front? (more to the point, where can you get hold of one to fit the kwa?)
  5. Thats out of stock However, since posting that, i emailed TMC and they had one Gonna cost me $35 and $18 shipping, which makes it an expensive piece of plastic, but needs must... That said, UK retailers could learn something from TMC. Excellent communication even when out of hours for them and even 15(!) photos supplied of what they're sending for peace of mind and to help out if anything goes wrong in transit. Pinnacle of good customer service.
  6. Source? Quite interested to know how all these gems of information get slowly released They're not ideal, but if it means I can actually use my g5 / make it site legal, I'll take it! It'll be good to see how they release it, because the nozzle assembly is glued together so either they expect us to bath it in spirits and hope it comes apart or they'll sell it inside a replacement unit. It'll be kinda necessary if youre wanting to easily switch between cqb, carbine and marksman kits all the time too, if youre replacing the inner barrel too with those kits.
  7. Are the slides compatible with the TM version?
  8. Can't edit above, so sorry for double post but... Need a replacement slide, front has cracked and won't last long. Any suggestions for sourcing the stock one?
  9. Well initially I assumed it was me doing something wrong i.e. not knowing my way round GBBs at the time, i loaded them up until i couldn't fit anymore in. But on the second nozzle i loaded about 28 a mag and was very careful with it after last time. I would wager something wrong with the gun second time around, as I say I replaced the nozzle, fired about 10 shots with no undue pressure from overfilled mags or otherwise and it decided it didn't like that at all. CO2...heh, well i found a bargain on CO2 mags and snapped them up to see how i got on. After a peice of bolt coming off and m
  10. It's my (or rather, now not my) SCAR Stuey refers to. Mine was a gen3 version ordered straight from the factory (so i'm told by Iain at Milspec) so in theory it should have been the most solid. Alas, i couldn't afford the keep throwing consumable nozzles at it and also didn't think to screw something into it in place. Aside from anything else, I ended up losing the rear sight somehow (self-unscrewing, apparently) and shearing off a piece from the back of the bolt when 'experimenting' with the co2 mags, so i quickly decided I would get rid of it before i managed to break it any further!
  11. Any news on the carbine kit that they are meant to be releasing? Can't wait to get my hands on one. Presumably will have to keep the shorter barrel inside it though, else risk increasing the FPS even further! (mine's with a techie for now until he can figure out how to do it - otherwise i shall have to buy a wide bore barrel) Also, has anybody got a picture of theirs with an Eotech of some sort on it? Want to see if it dwarfs the thing before I invest. Would quite like to put some of the ladder rail covers in tan on too
  12. Just though i'd share another option for px4 holstering I came across, which I may be investing in for mine. http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk/imi-beretta-9296--px4-storm-retention-holsters-6026-p.asp
  13. I am very surprised that after the years this has been on the market that there has not been any further after-market parts to attempt to alleviate some of the issues. I absolutely adore the 5-7, but I'm somewhat weary to invest after finishing reading this thread today. I'm in the UK, so temperature wouldn't be so much of an issue, but the nubs wearing down (seemingly with no replacement option?) and cracking slides put me off, especially when its been as high as 32*C this week.
  14. I imagine I have probably done that at some point - what would that do? Hex screw doesnt seem to be loose if its the one you see move when you use the decocker? Edit: Hell, ive done it a bunch of times. Is it a part I can replace easily?
  15. Decocker on mine now only works if I use the lever on the right hand side. Any ideas? Literally only takes a tiny press on the right hand side to decock if I use the left hand lever first.
  16. Chronoing at ~360fps, any ideas on how to reduce the fps very slightly?
  17. Thanks a lot, shall give it a go! Interesting, I can get 37 into mine without having to put too much effort into pushing the plunger on the speedloader. Does seem to vary a lot - I've a friend who can only get 20 into his at the moment!
  18. Anybody managed to open up a magazine? Can't get the baseplate off mine and it leaks (only slightly, but enough to empty in storage over time). G5 mags have a 38 BB capacity. You need to keep the springs compressed for about a week for the tension to adjust so they're not ridiculously stiff so that you can fit that amount in.
  19. Turns out you can't put rail covers on the charging handle side else you stop it from returning all the way to the front. Files ahoy!
  20. Got one of these at the Airsoft Arms Fair today. Beautiful piece of kit - so loud and kicks like a mule! Anyone else's hop adjusting wheel incredibly stiff? Had to strip it again to run the wheel back and forth a few times to make it easier to adjust but its still a huge effort to do so. Hopping problems I've heard of seem to be just a bedding in problem - started off over-hopping when set to minimum/off but now its slightly underhopping .3s on just above minimum. Does anybody know how to take apart the magazine? The follower spring is so stiff and i can only get about 20BBs in there,
  21. Seriously considering getting myself one of these. If you had to make a summary of all the things i needed to do straight off the bat what would it be? Round off bolt catch Whack a dangerwerx flute valve in it Keep an eye out for breaking disconnectors or nozzle springs?
  22. Unfortunate flaw with this, really want one but after replacing the nozzle for snapping on my we scar 3 times not sure I can bring myself to invest in nozzles as a consumable for another gun!
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