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  1. GlockworkOrange

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Sorry! They might restock though, the black one was out of stock last week but available again now. I feel very dirty for saying it, but in terms of finish and feel I prefer it to most of my WAs, KSCs, TMs etc......The trigger is pretty poor, but besides that it feels and looks like a really nicely made gun.
  2. GlockworkOrange

    Beretta Picture Thread

  3. GlockworkOrange

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    I'm not sure exactly, but it's usually different trades (usually more realistic, sometimes individual serials), slightly different surface finish (usually a bit higher quality, TW versions are a bit more basic), and as you say Japan version is lower power as it's made for the domestic market. TW versions are made for export and usually metal rather than abs. Ehobby seems to sell mags for the JP version and TW separately, so I assume the mags are also finished differently. They should be mechanically the same except power.
  4. GlockworkOrange

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    I really like mine. I originally used Abbey Ultra, but with Guarder Gas its so much more snappy, and the ROF is much more satisfying. Performance is good with Guarder, but not exceptional. It shoots similar to a TM pistol, maybe not quite as consistent but this is far more fun to use than any handgun. No obvious issues so far, and I rate it as the most solid plastic gun I've owned. Very happy so far!
  5. GlockworkOrange

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    I've seen some very cheap grips on US sites, but most won't ship to UK. Cheapest I can find inside the EU is £30.
  6. GlockworkOrange

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    Agreed, just got my KSC TW version. It's much more solid than I expected, and I do see now how a quick fondle could leave you with the impression it is full metal. It's probably the coldest feeling HW I've felt, must have a very high zinc content. Everything was ultra stiff out of the box, to the point where I couldn't get the mag in without hitting it against a hard surface, but it's started to loosen up now, as has the selector and stock. It's not as wobbly as I expected, better than my old Well one. It is a shame that it rattles when folded though. Shooting is snappy even on Abbey Ultra, so all good so far. Interesting has a KWA label on the trigger guard, which points towards the KSC TW and KWA versions being identical except trademarks. Mine has a KSC stamp and various serial numbers over it, faintly laser etched. Now I just need to figure out if a RS wood grip will fit!
  7. GlockworkOrange

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    From a visual standpoint I agree that HW can look like metal, especially once worn a bit, but I really meant feel. Even the best HW resin can't replicate the cold metallic feel of steel, plus it sounds different when handled and wouldn't have any flex. Tim even put a magnet to it, but it must have been drawn to the steel internals. I was just very surprised he could make that mistake despite handling the gun throughout the video, unless it was intentionally misleading and they hoped nobody would notice when they bought it, like lots of retailers do with the M11. I don't belive KSC/KWA have ever produced a metal SMG.
  8. GlockworkOrange

    KWA VZ.61 Skorpion GBB

    I'm having the KSC Taiwan version delivered today, which seems to be the KWA version with different trades. I'll report back when I get it. Plastic doesn't bother me, and it's labeled as heavyweight so it should have a high metal content in the polymer like most HW KSCs. It's annoying how people call it full metal though, just like people do with the M11. It's mainly US shops who do it, but in Redwolf's embarrassing review of the gun, Tim says the upper receiver is steel. Can it really be that hard to tell steel from plastic..?
  9. GlockworkOrange

    Maruzen NEW PPK/S Initial Impressions Review

    I had the 'new' version bought in 2011. I loved it at first despite occasional missfeeds. Within a few months of owning however, myy safety also snapped off (with minimum use), which was why I started to dislike these pistols. As great as the kick and overall quality/build was, mine started to fall apart. Sounds a bit exaggerated, but the metal used internally is simply very weak, and most of the components can be bent by hand. Compared to a KSC SIG P232, it's a fragile design. The safety was the first to go, then parts of the BBU, then the trigger bar. If these were better built internally I wouldn't hesitate to buy another (The black metal finish is beautiful, although not very wear resistant), but as they are now I can't recommend them for long-term durability. I was hoping these newer ones might be made of a better alloy, but your safety cracking off seems to show it isn't.
  10. GlockworkOrange

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    The Creation inner slide doesn't really help with durability. The main problem that occurs, on the ones I've owned anyway, is the slide rails breaking away from the BBU rather than the slide itself breaking. Once I had screwed and glued the rails directly to the BBU, I have been happy using green gas.
  11. GlockworkOrange

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Thank you! I have been tempted to sell it because I'm not a huge fan of modern rifles and really fancy a Marushin Winchester, but as far as tactical guns go, I am happy with how it looks so I'll probably keep it for now.
  12. GlockworkOrange

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My finished G5
  13. GlockworkOrange

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Thanks! Now has an ICS CXP stock, found the original a bit flimsy. Solid as a rock now, just need a vertical grip and maybe a better pistol grip too.
  14. GlockworkOrange

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Integrally Suppressed GHK G5
  15. GlockworkOrange

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread


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