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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
  2. I'm just asking because I don't know, but is a range finder useful in airsoft? I mean, our BB's don't go further than 100 meters, but can someone with a fine tuned airsoft sniper rifle make use of knowing the range to adjust hop up accordingly?
  3. If you want full travel bolt feature, WE is the only one out there that can do it. Problem is that unlike a real AK, GBB's don't have as much gas (or at least, not nearly as strong enough) to get the real fire rate of an actual AK as well. This can be solved with an aftermarket product but then it's not a full travel bolt anymore. So if you want realistic Rate Of Fire, only half travel bolts will suffice. If you want a good skirmishable GBB AK, GHK comes to mind. But you also pay top Dollar for that. Then again, when speaking about airsoft GBB's, the term "you get what you pay for" really app
  4. In my opinion it should fit, because AK's are quite universal. In case the holes are too tight, surely using a slightly bigger drill would work, in order to make the holes bigger, right?
  5. Why does your 74 have an AKM flashider?
  6. That's a very expensive option For starters, seeing as it's an RPK and therefore a squad support weapon, I would imagine you'd wanna go full auto with that. Even though the GHK is up for that challenge and the cool-down is pretty okay with that one, you only have about 30 rounds unless you can make a custom mag. You'd be going through mags like crazy if you wanna compete against AEG's and other GBB's firing only at semi auto. Also, the added full auto for a longer period of time could also wear down the internals faster. This could theoretically make your gun wear down faster, causin
  7. Well, yes it is. http://ghkairsoft.com/ghk-gk74/ "2. The orange plastic magazine are compatible with GKM magazine." I'd prefer a co2 74 mag but I guess a co2 AKM mag could look cool too.
  8. Does anyone know when/if the Co2 mags for the AK74 come out? Also, do the AKM mags fit on the 74?
  9. How about you do a full pose with it? Thinking of buying that same gas mask but I already got a GP5 gas mask.
  10. How did you get it to work like a bulpup?
  11. Would you have any idea on how to make a longer bolt travel feauture work? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-UfeFs8SAYs&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-UfeFs8SAYs
  12. Why not both? Also...well...got pics of your wife playing?
  13. Not bad at all! Besides, many Russian forces use an Eotech as well. Also...wife, you said?
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