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  1. thanks very much mike. really good information one of my tracer mags has a uv LED INSIDE it, you can only see it by looking down inside. ill try UV leds, and see how they go. thay are availible, £4 for uv , £0.25p for ultra bright, white leds
  2. a couple of new pics from last nights test. 3 Flash type Tracer units, and red and green ammo. Lots of ricochets. Tracer units also available for hire at Gunman NW night games
  3. thanks for the feedback on the lasers, please let me know how the blue ray does
  4. ive found that lighting tracer BB`s with leds only lights ONE half, so when the hop spins the BB, its duller than it should be. I think a laser would only light one spot or one half of a BB, as well. the Flash bulb tracer units are the best as the flash lights the whole tube and gets all the BB, also the BB is spinning as it passes through the unit. LEDS do work, just not as well as flash bulbs. I am going to try lasers as well , just to see how it works, maybe a laser in a silencer, with a mirror at 45 degrees to shine the beam into the BB as it passes maybe?
  5. The red madbull tracers and green blaster tracers all worked great at the event last night. there wasnt much wind, and i was hit by the red ones on two occasions, even though they were .12g bbs they still had a good thwack when they hit me at 40 metres range. the lack of wid last night, meant they were pretty accurate. shipping from the US puts massive cost on an order, and we end up paying import tax as well as the shipping costs drive it over the tax threshold. Thanks for all the Information on the U.S made Tracers yee245, very good reading, especially on the external diamiter.
  6. just finished hop unit mod at work today, ill try and find time to take some pictures at my sites night game, tonight (though im running the game, i might not get chance to do it )
  7. .20 are being released in hong kong now, but its going to be at least 4 to 6 weeks before the uk has them for sale .
  8. A quick review on Madbull RED Tracer BB`s .12g Ive recently got hold of some of these from the very nice chaps at airsoft armouries.. The weight is next to nothing, so the fly all over the place, Which is great as im going to put them in a support weapon. Last night we fired 2,000 through a standard Mauri AK47 with a high cap and Marui Tracer Unit Not one single misfeed. the quality of the BB is Very good 10 out of 10. And with a tracer unit they Glow very well indeed. I tried a couple of magazine using a M4 and a G+P UV Tracer m16 magazine, and I could barley see them.
  9. The Thread on this fine gun has been archived so i cant add on to the existing one but for anyone looking for the common broken part Z02 look here for spares http://www.skyproairsoft.com/prod_list.php?topage=2&str_qry=&class_id=8&series_id=13 ive been running mine for 5 years now, and its still my fave gun. I run it of a 32oz paintball co2 bottle, with the line going into the base of the magazine (i braised a quick release adapter to the magazine in place of the screw cap, and sealed it with araldite glue.) saves pishing around with powerlets, you only
  10. Just revived my order from them, (i ordered based on the comments on here) totaly top service, quick , free bag of sweets, and the stuff was just right 100% for these guys , ill defo order again
  11. ive been using mine for 3 years now, on green gas. 504 fps @ -1 degree C .25bb magazine was in my pocket for 5 mins before chrono bolt and reciver show signs of wear , but nothing to cause the gun to fail. ive got slight distortion on the back of the bolt from ramming the bolt forwards too hard in a firefight, you dont need much force to cock it at all really a great gun
  12. Thanks guys for some very honest and fair comments. The Cons are what i care about the most, and heres our take on the when we were clearing up at end ex. Cons: * safety brief was far too short - its good to remind everyone of the rules, no matter how experienced they are. Fair point. I was trying to get things rolling, and assumed everyone (being long term players) would agree, in hindsight, a bad call by me personally. From now on, no skipping ANY aspect of the safety brief. * scaffold in the truck needs to be tightened up to make it safe for people to use. W
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