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  1. emergencychimp

    Remove the 100 post limit on sales threads

    Another option would be to get picture thread posts to count, I'm around 30 posts after 3 years. A lot of the threads are quite specific and unless I have specialist knowledge I can't add to them.
  2. emergencychimp

    Remove the 100 post limit on sales threads

    I would prefer the count to be lower, I have been a member for years and only post when I have something useful to add and I still am not over 100 posts. I often go on other forums for the trades and then end up looking at the other posts.
  3. The trouble with the LWWF range is that they aren't massive, in fact can seem a little mean, I think they have been produced with the idea you'll have rice, or something along side it. EG, their Chilli con carne and curries are just that with no rice so it isn't as filling as you might need. Some great grub though and perfect if you want easy good food which only requires a little something extra compared with making something from scratch. Their flavours are strong, so if you're a fussy eater might be worth playing it safe with what you pick.
  4. emergencychimp

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me and a team mate after Operation Grandstand with Stirling Airsoft at the Sandpit - great weekend!
  5. emergencychimp

    LA-5 / PEQ-15 (ELEMENT)

    A nice little feature is a small green light at the back of the unit, that way if you have IR on during the day etc. then you'll be able to see it, subtly, without running your battery down. Very cleverly done. Under NODS the IR laser is very bright and not very focused (which I prefer) and as just a laser, helps to light up rooms. Externals feel solid and crisp, a weak point is normally the jack for the pressure switch but can't check that unless i take it apart (not going to happen!) It's a little stiff getting on a rail, but better than being wobbly!
  6. emergencychimp

    LA-5 / PEQ-15 (ELEMENT)

    The ir laser works, can't tell if I can zero it but very impressed for the money so far, others have done good reviews on the externals etc. Will post more when I get a chance
  7. emergencychimp

    LA-5 / PEQ-15 (ELEMENT)

    These seem to be released on JK Army, bought one tonight, when it arrives I will post up my thoughts. I have some NV I can check the IR out with and an ACM peq 15 which I have switched laser modules from a visible one to IR to compare it to.
  8. emergencychimp

    LA-5 / PEQ-15 (ELEMENT)

    This looks very promising indeed!
  9. emergencychimp

    Airsoft Zone

    I have also used Airsoft Zone and when I ordered I WE glock 19, they (at my request) switched the original short mag for a replacement glock 17 mag for free. Their postage was fast and their customer service good. The prices were the cheapest I could find with a UK retailer as well.
  10. I am sure loads of people have used them and had a great service from them.Their prices seem competitive and the item arrived quickly and as described, this was not my first purchase from them. However, regardless of what the item is they still should have helped in some way under the sale of goods act, either by arrange for a repair, or but providing a replacement pair of trousers (for info a seam went). While they were repros, I would still expect to wear a pair of £50 trousers more than 3 times. It's easy to base the perception of a company purely on feedback when everything goes right, a great company proves it when it goes wrong and this is one of the few times I have been irked enough by a company to every provide negative feedback publicly. My overall advice would be that I am probably that 1 in a 1000 customer that had an issue and they didn't prove they were a great company to me, and based on that I avoid them, however if they have something you want get it, but with the knowledge that if it goes wrong you may not get the same after care support you would normally associate with buying from a UK customer even with the legislation that is meant to protect you. (I didn't pursue it any further than direct with the company, I needed the trousers for an event and I had someone repair them for me).
  11. When I had an issue with a pair of trousers from them on the 3rd time of wearing them, they told me to do one and buy crye precision trousers if I expect decent quality, which they don't stock. They also claimed that loads of our soldiers buy and wear emerson MC trousers on tour in afghan and have never complained. Personally I avoid at all costs which is a shame as they often come up when looking for bits on ebay and they are often the only uk based company to stock bits i want to buy, so I end up importing.
  12. emergencychimp

    Videos Thread !

    Just uploaded our first Milsim video, this is from Tier 1 Military Simulations Operation Payback at the MOD training site Stanta in Thetford. A great venue and a brilliant event. This was the first Milsim we have done in force with 8 of us making our own call sign. Still lots of progress needed, but everyone starts some where! [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrTQaqTQlJE[/media] Check out our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/echoesairsoft
  13. There is a greener version of this as well, if you guys have ever looked up hunteering (suggest you do if you like camo and snipers) you get a true sense of how awesome this product can be. There are cheaper knock off versions of it on ebay as well but they don't look quite as good.

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