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  1. Hmm, my AGM mag hasn't leaked (I'm using propane) and I do not notice it swelling when I fill it up. However, the magazine isn't able to engage the bolt catch unless I remove the spring from the bolt catch.
  2. That little lever just changes whether the magazine will engage the bolt stop or not. If it is forward, close to the BB feed tube, then the bolt will not lock back when the magazine is empty. On mine, I can't switch it all the way forward unless BBs are inserted.
  3. I received my package from EBB, but they did not paint over the muzzle hider, they simply taped on the orange muzzle plug with packaging tape
  4. Oh lmao! Shoulda known I wasn't doing something right. Wish I could read the manual.
  5. Got a chance to play around with mine. I had the 061 version, and I had to replaced the part of the front sight that holds the handguards in order to fit my CA RAS. I've been running on propane so far, but now when I try to charge the magazine with propane the game just goes through it. Is there anything I can do to remedy it? I plan on buying a few GHK magazines, but it'd be nice to have this one to play around with till then.
  6. The rail on the receiver is lower than mil-spec right? Maybe that's messing it up? Mine should be coming today, I can't wait.
  7. My CA 100rnd Box Mag has sound activation. I am not sure on the big box mags though.
  8. Some pics during the game this weekend, I wish I could get pictures to turn out as good as some of you guys lol.
  9. If you are going to be replacing everything inside anyways, I suggest going with a clone m14 to save a little cash.
  10. It's a replica, if I was made of money I'd get a Trijicon lol.
  11. I'm kinda liking the ACOG on the SAW.
  12. Cause that's how you shoot the Ak47 duh
  13. A video gaming website that I am part of was also hit by a pronbot the last couple days...
  14. I had the same problem as well with my TM 1911, the solution I came up with was to buy a hard plastic type holster. The Safariland 6004 holsters are without a doubt worth every penny.
  15. I have no problem aiming with my G&P ACOG with my mesh SG1s.
  16. hehe, guess I didn't finish my train of thought. If no one else was going to do one, I can give it a shot, should arrive tomorrow or the next day Good news on that bumper, was probably my biggest annoyance with the WA magazine.
  17. A question on the new TM Wilson Combat magazines: Does the mag bumper hinder filling the magazine with gas? On my WA, I would remove the bumper when I wanted to fill it with gas. Also, anyone going to do an in-depth review? I have one myself on the way
  18. I personally like hard plastic style cheek rests. All I had to do was drill a couple holes in the stock. Just make sure the mounts won't interfere with the battery compartment. I got mine from here: http://www.desertwarriorproducts.com/M1A-M14CheekRest.html
  19. Yes, not possible, at least with a CA receiver. The Famas magazine is too wide.
  20. Huh....did you mean on the left? The guy on the left has a CA m16 + m203.
  21. He has an L85, not sure on the make though. All the MARPAT guys, myself included, were in the same squad.
  22. Rainy game a few years ago. Came out really wet but it was lots of fun crawling in the mud and wading through the pond. Only thing was that we had to travel a mud trail to get back up to the cars, kind of hard going up an incline in ankle deep mud. Unfortunately, I do not have any ingame pics.
  23. That is possibly the freakiest non-photoshopped face I have ever seen.
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