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    KJW P8 + Tanio Koba 20mm rail adaptor
    KJW P8 + Tanio Koba 20mm rail adaptor
    Tokyo Marui FAMAS F1
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  1. Doesn't the second mag get in the way of putting your cheek on the cheek weld (ejection port)?
  2. Hehe, i could just image all us FAMAS owners, sniffing our guns to get high
  3. Alright. just wondering, coz in your previous photo, you've got the cheekpad on the right hand side of the gun.
  4. yep. I did the mousmad mod just yesterday. It's comfy... -king-, you left handed?
  5. why does your ejection cover look so weird, and whats that on the left hand side above the handgrip?
  6. Upgraded internally with a 6.03mm inner barrel and a M100 Spring.
  7. pang


  8. Oh Hell. I guess I'll leave it as is... ...for now.
  9. pang

    TM 1911A1

  10. pang

    KJW P8

    pics of KJW P8
  11. speaking of bipods, does anyone know how to take the feet off the famas bipods, i.e. the "L" shaped sections? im thinking of shortening my bipods and moving them back a bit
  12. yep, though i didn't do too good of a job; in the first pic, you can see the smudges where I was wiping it off
  13. Any idea where those guys got their desert Auscam from?
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