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    maruzen p99 custom
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    S&W 1911 (spring)
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    real guns and balistics<br />airsoft<br />israel
  1. scithe

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    wow, in all honesty im surprised not everyone with a takedown has a setup like this, it really completes the idea in a perfect way. the only fault is that it cant accept the new vsr hopup unit.... if a solution can be found for that, then this would be about as close to perfect as one could get for a stealthy assassin rifle. either way though, amazing job scaar, nice and clean too in that you didnt over-load it with accessories and paint-jobs, just kept it nice and clean
  2. scithe

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    dear god man! who ever said canadians couldnt kick *albartroth*?!
  3. scithe

    What's your backup?

    tm hi-capa 4.3 w/ .01 barrel. i plan to upgrade fully when i can afford it i also hope to be getting one of those cheap pistol grenade launchers to use as a last ditch weapon. want to see the looks on peoples faces as they go from a confident "i've got that #### sniper now" to "hooooooooooly ####"
  4. scithe

    What's your backup?

    havn't seen any in the u.s. but they have them at redwolf.
  5. scithe

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    haha yeager. lo yadati she'ata yehudy what does shigurim mean though on the sign? i'v never heard that word before.
  6. scithe

    What's your backup?

    WE hi-capa, and soon a mini uzi which i will use for backup and cqb... no, not on an official field, i have special games with a select few who like the more powerfull guns. really, what fun is airsoft if you don't have the pain from being hit?
  7. scithe

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    no theyr not. real steel silencers with baffles are ilegal for most callibers except ones like the .22 in whih case you must get permission from your local sheriff.

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