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  1. racing maniac, that is one of the most beautiful 1911's i have ever seen. compliments.
  2. wow, in all honesty im surprised not everyone with a takedown has a setup like this, it really completes the idea in a perfect way. the only fault is that it cant accept the new vsr hopup unit.... if a solution can be found for that, then this would be about as close to perfect as one could get for a stealthy assassin rifle. either way though, amazing job scaar, nice and clean too in that you didnt over-load it with accessories and paint-jobs, just kept it nice and clean
  3. dear god man! who ever said canadians couldnt kick *albartroth*?!
  4. have you considered a rearless hammer? would definitely make it unique.
  5. ghghghghghgh *drooling sounds* cant wait to see the finished project great job with the lighting and background too
  6. wow man! that is one sexy gun. the grips really look nice on it... and fit the name nicely too seriously though, that is possibly the nicest color grip/gun combo, and once you laden it with accessories it will look soooooo nice!
  7. i've heard a lot of rumors about the guarder metal parts not fitting the hi-capa, but after some searching i found that the guarder slides fit fine. what i cane find though, is anything on the barrel. do the guarder outer barrels fit well in the hi-capa?
  8. rotate the inner barrel to the open side of the outer barrel, grip the outer barrel by that part the part that sticks out under the chamber, and then push the inner barrel out. it may take a little bit of force.
  9. didn't put too much into it as far as realism, but looks sweet anyway. (wish it had been taken with a better quality cam) sniping from a store-room window:
  10. cant argue there. but what else can you do about it?
  11. hahaha, you sound so ###### off in the vids... you should post a video review of it firing so the rest of us who cant afford one will drule and i know what you mean about being let down on that stuff.... not on nearly as big of a scale though. unfortunately the economics of airsoft dont seem to be nearly as buyer friendly as any other category. in fact airsoft economics are so messed up (false advertising, faulty products, production of products without any amount of significant testing, etc.) and all at the expense of the buyer. anyway, good luck with getting it to work properly. a
  12. hmmm... didnt see your other disapointed posts.... i know a guy who is always really happy. his dad died when he was a young boy, and his brother was killed in the army when he was a little older, then his other brother got sick and died, and in the same year his wifes parents died. (true story about my friends life) and he is still a very jolly guy. i think though, that if i show him some of your posts he may wind up becoming depressed and killing himself!
  13. agree with you there. dont care if its just one faulty gun out of 1,000,000,000. for that kind of money they had all better be d##m near perfect.
  14. sale, i would be happy to do that test, but it may have to wait a few days to a couple of weeks as i will be in cali for a bit. davedawg, i do not know 100% if they are safe fore brass barrels or not. however, since aluminum is softer than brass, then it should not be a problem.
  15. the alu bb's came from uncompany and i did some tests to get some accurate results on wether or not alu bb's are any different from plastic ones. the tests were done in comparisson to ksc .30's, maruzen sgm's, marui .30's (only a few of those as i dont have many left), and g&p .28's. the tests were done in my g-spec with both a pdi 6.01 and laylax 6.03 barrel (both 303mm long). and i tested them with both a 150 and 120 spring. the distance of the results is measured accurately to within 10ft. (o, and fyi, the alu bb's had visible imperfections, but this did not seem to effect their perform
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