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    Classic Army M24
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    People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden
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  1. mallrat0223

    CQBR M4

    i want one so bad now, damn not having a job.
  2. I would def. want to get an SVD, if they weren't so expensive.
  3. i have a couple 6mm bb's lodged halfway into my ceiling from my M24. i was having trouble with the trigger sear catching the bolt and a couple of rounds went off. tore up my hand pretty well too.
  4. yeah but the patriots are gunna steal it back.
  5. nice P90, but uh where's the mag?
  6. INTERNALS! Systema M100 Area 1000 Spring Guide (with bearing) Systema Flat High Speed gears Metal Shims Classic Army 6mm Oilless Bushings Classic Army High Silicone Wire Piston head support Systema Silent Piston Head Systema silent piston Hurrincane Aluminum piston Area 1000 Systema Tappet Plate Systema HiSpeed Motor (Short Type) Deep Fire Cylinder Head Prometheus "hard type" hop up bucking Systema hop-up chamber KM TN(Titanium) tightbore barrel EXTERNALS! Silencer Ready mag M500 tactical forend with light Red dot scope Cheek rest Tactical sli
  7. That my friend is one handsome piece of equipment. wish my digi cam wasn't brokened or i'd have pics of mine up here.
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