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  1. He still has another contrAct with them till sept 2015 for other programs. , no mention of that one being terminated as of yet . The top gear one was due to run out about now anyway

    So technically he has not been sacked ,

  2. Professional dancer would be the reference that the ones I know would use on any job application .

    We have one at our club at the moment who is funding her dance degree at the royal college of ballet , the money these girls can make as a top end table dancer is ridiculous !!

    She has had . Dances for customers that have earned her 2000 pounds for a 5 minute private dance . And that's without the rest of the nights earnings . Even the not so successfull dancers are earning 200 quid per evening and that's on a non busy midweek night .

  3. Shmook , I recently had this issue with my car . A 1.6 tdci . After taking it to a mate who is a ford diesel specialist I got the lowdown on what causes so many issues with the ford tdci units .

    Basically most of his turbo repairs are caused by lazy mechanics not realizing what cAuses the failure in the first place .and if the turbo is replaced it will continue to fail over and over again

    Unless remedial work / cleaning / replacement pipes are used .

    The injectors on these cars specificaly no1 are prone to seal failure , which then pump unburnt fuel and carbon through the cylinder head , breathers and turbo ) these eventually ( fairly quickly clog up ) causing premature turbo failure , it also causes the egr valve problem as well .

    If the pipes . Breathers etc , sump etc are not stripped down and cleaned / replaced the turbo and egr valve will very quickly fail after replacment .

    Also a replacement / modified egr valve vortex part is available if the car is taken to the main dealers , but ford refuse to admit the modification or admit to the fault / bad design ,

    Injector seals are a cheap part to change , but can be a pig to get out if the injecter seal has carboned up around the injector .

    Peugeot use the same engine design and it is a recall repair for peugeot owners , but *bramston pickle* ford won't do it ,,,watchdog calls imminent from a lot of angry tdci owners is going to be on the cards methinx

  4. I swear that wind whilst driving is scarier than anything else, simply because it moves the car in a way that feels unnerving. Having ice underneath does not help in any way. I remember several times on the way to campus last year where it felt that I could not control the car steadily even when the roads were okay, simply because the wind was so strong


    You can get medication for wind that is soo bad that it affects your driving !!!!!


  5. When I said confidence , it comes from being unshockable , at ease with your looks and being pretty hard to intimidate , which goes with most of our girls jobs territory . Many of our girls are also fetish models , glamour girls and some are also porn stars . Who often attend , play , dance at many hardcore fetish partys and adult clubs ,

    Some Ann summers staff , not all , use a customers shyness or fact that they are intimidated to hard sell products . Rather than make the customer feel at ease and make proper decisions for themselves .

    It is not arrogance it is an inner confidence that prevails with our girls , hence their high earnings capability when compared to some other dancers I have come across ,

  6. Many years ago I knew a guy who used the readily accessible electoral register to bump up his credit rating and gain credit .

    Basicaly he would fill out his form and when asked for a previous adress if less than 3 years at current premises . He would acces the electoral lists , find s person with his initial and surname on the list and put their adress as his previous adress . Easily done as the electoral roll Dosnt store dates of birth , only names and initials and is extremely easy to access . As is a copy of anyone's birth certificate , . System needs changing to protect people !!!

  7. Its time for western politicians to wake up to the real problems that are being caused by goverment policy's at home and abroad .


    Every problem has a cause , and is it just me or do you get the feeling that the politicians are enjoying dividing communities and people for their own abnoxious , greedy gains !!

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