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  1. Mopeds have gears . Twist and go scooters do not . As for gears vs auto box in a car . Try driving in snow or icy conditions and you will realise why a manual box gives far superior control over the transmission . Same when your battery fails , you can't bump start an auto box . Auto boxes have their place though . In huge hp car builds where a manual box / clutch cannot cope with the power !! Autos are for lazy people and fat yanks
  2. We have an All vw fleet of deisel vans on our company and several deisel golfs , out of 30 vehicles 11 have had manifold cracking problems .over the last 3 years . Vw try to deny the problem but have repaired the last 4 under warranty , Something to do with the dpf causing the cracking we have been informed by our local vw garage !/ supplier
  3. Bad earth , connection arcing out , or voltage regulater allowing overcharge . Vw 18t engines are usually ultra reliable . As long as cam belt change , regular oil changes are carried out . 3000 miles on a turbo lump oil change . The vw diesels are the usual problem makers with cracked manifolds being a major problem on them !!
  4. Agreed totally , look at the recent issue when an illegal Muslim protest blocked the Blackwall tunnel in rush hour and brought traffic to a standstill for a couple of hours . No media coverage . Only u tube footage !! And no police action whatsoever ever . Time for pussyfooting around has to stop ,
  5. Take it to an auto electrician , will be cheaper than ford main dealers !!
  6. Egr valve faults usually result in a flat spot , similar to turbo lag and then a cloud of exhaust smoke as you floor it to get past the flat spot . . Turbo failure usually ( but not always ) results in white smoke from the tailpipe , I run a cmax tdci as my family run around and have had both problems in the past
  7. I have been at my desk since 8:30, and my cock is still wet from the absolute soaking I got. Something that small shouldn't take long to dry out !! Lol
  8. In February 1989 the Fairway was introduced. It was fitted with a 2,664 cc Nissan TD27 diesel engine. This made the FX4 a faster and more reliable cab. It had full wheelchair accessibility, in line with a new law that came into force in January 1989. The Fairway was the best version of the FX4 ever built,[peacock term] and enabled LTI to sell to overseas markets, as well as move into provincial UK markets they had not been able to tackle. Much of this increase in sales was due to local authorities insisting on wheelchair accessible cabs being used in their areas.
  9. Google Nissan nv 200 london cab . Has now been shelved , much to boris s embarrassment
  10. Get ya stuff / clothes , bath sorted the night before , rather than trying to do it at 4am !!
  11. I work the doors at nightclubs and woooosah moments are a regular occurance for us guys , I am sure that half the people I have to deal with were starved of oxygen somewhere in their brain development stages of life !!!!
  12. Same with scooters . Take the vespa / piaggio two stroke and four stroke engine for example , So well designed that it runs cleaner than a yamaha ( insert any other make ) does with all its emission bolt ons and management . You can remove all the goverment required emission stuff and still pass the emission test . !! Boris got stuffed live on Lbc radio today !!!! Nissan have pulled the plug and pulled out of london taxi manufacturing . And the other two company's have announced that the technology required to meet his lower emission zone requirements is not yet available to make a
  13. If you pSsed your car test before jam 2001 no Cbt is needed to ride a moped , only for 125 cc. You can also ride a 3 wheel motorbike above 150 cc on a car licence . But you need a Cbt if it is a 125 . Madness or what .
  14. Some of the 3 wheeler motorcycles now have roofs , heaters and performance that leaves most super cars for dust . A lot can be ridden on a Cbt / learner / car licence as well ! I also run a bike and a moped for london commutes and it is a no brainer when it comes down to insurance and running costs . , A lot of people do not realise that if you passed your car driving test before 2001 you can ride a moped with no L plates and carry passengers as well
  15. Nope . It is just the no work easy option for them . Had the same earlier this year . As soon as I threatened the other drivers company with a private court case and showed the insurance company my video footage they back peddled as fast as they could . Lazy money grabbers !!
  16. It is a bit hard cycling with a condom on though !!
  17. Still laughing . Think I just got in a lift with the thickest girl on the planet !! She commented " this lift is " why has it got a button for the floor I am already on . !!!!
  18. Tinkerton . Try actualy reading the link in my post . Following their practices means pagan practices etc if you read the whole article .
  19. Things are usually cheaper after the Black Friday rush has died down
  20. Try a fusion restaurant , Indian, Thai , Chinese , Japanese . All in one place and you can mix and match as you please. . Awesome
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