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  1. If you realy want to confuse the preacher tell them you are a dyslexic atheist !!! And that you don't believe in dog !!!! That will *fruitcage* up there brain !!!! <<<EDIT>>> Please try not to bypass the swear filter, usually it's quite good at catching naughty words
  2. Jehovah s witnesses are the best to annoy. ! I just tell them ; I never saw the accident ; so leave me alone !!!!!!!
  3. As a father of 4 children all I can add to this is the more stressed you get from trying the more it affects the body's dynamics and fertility chances , Also tick and cross all the medical factors , twice if need be My first Missus , after our first baby had 4 miscarriages which I forget the medical term for , where she carried long term and then miscarried , was told by doctors not to bother trying anymore ! Changed area and hospital after a move , and got a new surgeon / midwife who reccomended she had a DNA scrape as their may be tissue left on her womb after the miscarriages , she ha
  4. Every time someone buys of cgun the longer they will be here to mess up our pastime!! Would rather not skirmish than. Buy of them !!!!
  5. Reckon the next Bond girl should be a ladyboy and then bond would have a reason for his drinking !! Good excuse to go on a revenge killing spree as well, after a scrubbing himself clean , I have been abused type shower scene ,, ( aka jim Cary )
  6. Full face all the time , have seen too many teeth shot out and near misses to people's eyes to take the risk , bit like riding a motorbike with no crash helmet , if you want to risk a serious injury to teeth , eyes etc go ahead and be my guest . Just remember it only takes one mistake or accident to happen !!!!
  7. Heard that Barack is gonna do his first speech in the Deep South from behind 8 inch thick bullet proof glass !!! Out of order .... Just because Barack is a black man Dosnt mean he is gonna shoot someone !!!
  8. What makes me laugh is that t mobile and orange have merged into ee now but Tmobiles unlimited includes everything on the full monty but orange do the same package but the Internet is limited and both charge the same ??? 21 quid for the sim only or 40 with a phone package ,
  9. Beware the electric cooling fan/ motors on them , are notorious for packing up !! Apart from that not bad cars
  10. I use the full monty from Tmobile 21 quid a month unlimited everything !!
  11. Has your site shut down or failed to renew its insurance ?? Or just a computer / operator mess up ???
  12. Kill them , kill them ,kill them And then rape the family pets !!!
  13. Is that why no one Marries girls up there . Coz no one needs that sort of food bill each week to keep them happy !!
  14. Am still young enough to be able to steer clear of the blue badge motability sex , thank god !!!
  15. saw one on eBay last year that was so wrong ! A guy had advertised a antique wooden bondage chair for sale , in the description it said well used and nicely stained .. !!! Just wrong . My brother checked his buyer history and all he brought was bulk cling film and lady's clothes . NICE !!!!!!
  16. Bin bag over the head moment !! With a spare over yours in case hers comes off .. !!! As they say . You don't look at the mantle peice when you are stoking the fire ;; !! There has to be a limit though unless she's 98 with a few million in the bank and looking for a husband . Could deal with a few cobwebs if I got a retirement package at the end of it !!!
  17. Some women can have that effect on a man !! If she's that grim I wouldn't waste the Viagra !!!
  18. Electric speed loader ??? Lol ! Don't use an 11.1 or you might destroy its internals ..... Lmao Can't wait to see a skirmish reveiw on the marui speed loader with deans and hop upgrade . !!
  19. I am standing beside myself in amazement ;;!!! Always remember that line from short circuit 2
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