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  1. I am sure there is a fetish involving a turtle some where , I just think it was a different type of turtle they were talking about or had in mind !!!!
  2. Not as eye watering as the coarse sandpaper fetish that we have seen in action !! Yes a guy being masturbated with a coarse peice of sandpaper being wrapped around his penis . Ouch. !!
  3. The funniest I have seen was a guy who turned up in a skin tight bright orange latex suit Whitch covered him head to toe . With a clear piece covering his face . We let him in after lots of odd looks from even hardened swingers. / fetishists . As soon as he was in the venue he approached the manager and asked if he could use a power point. . Next thing we saw was him inflating his outfit into a giant . Space hopper outfit with an extra bit that his penis was sticking out of. He seemed to be enjoying himself that night , but everyone gave him a wide berth all evening , He left 3/4 of t
  4. Phones have to be left at tthe door at these party's. As well as cameras etc . We used to run the yearly fetish party's at hammersmith palais and torture gardens . The party's are pretty exclusive . Invite only . The last one we did was 1000 for singles and 500 quid for a couple. . Was a stones throw from Buckingham palace . At this level the party's are full of doctors ,lawyers , peers , police and mps . And a few celebs . Some of these people have weird kinks yet are in top end job / authority positions
  5. I have been to many . Part of my job as I work in the security industry. . You would not believe the prices that some charge for entrance fees . We have to search for cameras , microphones , illegal substances and remove undesirables from the premises . Ie .. Call girls. , etc
  6. Sickening . A bullet is too kind for these *fruitcage*ers
  7. Just heard on the news that cliff Richard has had his house raided for historic sex offences !! Maybe they heard that he used to hang around with the young ones . !!!!!!!
  8. This release has issues , the mp7 had nozzle issues , . Something is going on at the qc end with tm as of late . Not knocking the whole range just the recent stuff that seems to have more issues than is normal for tm .
  9. The laser disc was a 12' disc format that was developed by Phillips it was cutting edge at the time , but the players were massive compared to a cassette player . The belt driven mechanism was prone to stretching snd . Failure . And the discs were single layer . Storage of the discs was a problem as they were prone to warping . Also the discs were very expensive to buy back then and you could not record on them . Only emi and a very limited amount of film company's adopted the format . So film choice was very limited . That is why the cassette won the marketplace back then .
  10. Phillips were too busy developing their laser disc film system . . They were way ahead of the other company's on innovation at that time. . Unfortuantly that flopped as well but it was the predecessor to the DVD as we know it nowadays . The Phillips tape system was called video 2000. By the way . It was expensive ( double sided tape heads. , a complicated gear drive system . And loved chewing up tapes . It was tha best system though. . But VHS succeeded it because it was easier and cheaper to produce machines and cassettes for . Betamax was just useless .. It had some pros , but the minus po
  11. German Parts Warehaus 3600 Recycle Road • Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 toll free 877-643-7626 phone 916-631-1700 • fax 916-852-1438 Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Hope that helps mate !! As for an exhaust (as and when), look at a custom one, as opposed to an off the shelf type. I was quoted around £1100 from a couple of companies for a manifold back system for a jeep I used to have. Rang a company down the road and they hand made one and fitted it for £400. Just for future reference Edit, it sounded flipping awesome too! Also try parts and panels ( wembley )
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251598605686 Not looking to hard then ?? Or is it the rear subframe . They are on the big bay of e as well
  13. Ime not that type of guy mate . Maybe you need a different forum for that
  14. If suicide is for the weak why did samurai warriors practice it as a show of honour !! I would love to see how many strong people could plunge a sword into themselves and then draw it upwards and to the left and to the right . Takes a lot of balls !!!
  15. Tm gas shotguns are the bestest guns in the world !! At breaking nozzles and jamming . Maybe they should have put a picture of bob Marley on them !!!
  16. I think the windows were open at the tm factory and blew all the fairy dust away when they made these fffing gas shotguns ..
  17. To British gas all boilers are old . They are too busy trying to make customers buy new ones off them to have time to repair older boilers , be they working or not !!!
  18. 1.4 / 1.5 is normal when. The boiler is switched off . It will rise a bit when it heats up / pressurises Never bleed radiators with the boiler on / hot . Or the pump running or you will suck air into the system . If you have the filling loop attached .whilst the boiler is cold / not running . Try filling it up jus t a little to 1.7 / 1.8 bar . Some boilers pressure switches get tempermental with age and need marginally more pressure to operate ... Do not exceed 2 bar . Be carefull some boilers can fill very fast . One or two seconds of water coming into the loop is usually enough . . Do
  19. Check the pressure guage on the front to make sure the system Dosnt need refilling . Its the most common fault I get called out to !! Followed by failed thermocouplings which cost pennies to replace .... Boiler pressure guage should be at approx 1.5 bar .. Or the boiler will shut itself off ..
  20. The only gun I brought that didn't have issues wS from an older guy in Essex . Long time airsofter with a load of kit / guns for sale . The gun was a tm glock advance that is still going strong with no repairs ( par a leaky mag 2 yrs after purchase. ) the gun is coming up for 31/2 yeArs old and still going strong .
  21. After reading about a large amount of failures on the tm shotguns . I beg the question ?? Is tm quality control down the toilet nowadays or is it owner abuse . ( not sticking with reccomended gasses that is causing this high amount of failures , issues !!
  22. Every gun par 1 that I have brought second hand has had issues , be it butchered screws , knackered internals or glued on bits that were supposed to be screwed together . I would Mutch rather buy new or from people I know nowadays. . Even new guns get butchered or fail . At leAst I can return them if needs be ,, A lot of people on forums[url, ebay , private adds are very economical with the truth nowadays !!
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