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    tokyo marui desert eagle hard kick
    webbing, and about 10 pairs of army fatigues/combats
    my lucky gloves
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  1. Rogue

    a few gun pics.... 007.jpg

    What on earth is that at the top?!
  2. Rogue

    Videos Thread !

    et voila My first urban game: in the morning i got a load of kills so i thought id test out a "new invention" of mine. SNIPER SCOPE CAM! it involves a plastic milk carton and one hell of a lot of tape. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-pccpe96eE And at the end: THE HUMAN TANK. its somewhat epic.
  3. Rogue

    What's your backup?

    TM Desert Eagle Hard Kick The hand cannon... I would like 2 like that guy ^ but hey, there has to be a sensible one.
  4. Rogue

    Phoenix Airsoft '09

    Airofting 08-09 Games at Phoenix in Mansfield.

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