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  1. PS Free P&P to UK , German VAT 19%. with 20% paid discount.
  2. Took the plunge on the OPS 3Ds in Mandrake. No issues with those either. Only thing to keep an eye on is their sizing between various items all S-XXL but actual measurements may differ a bit, Just ordered TAD Force 10 in ME Grey from Germany from main German TAD stockist, Stealth Hoodie LT next.
  3. Grey blends in better in urban environments both in low light and shadows . Black stands out big time . Ideas not new studies in 80 s showed grey to be optimal for blending in urban area especially against concrete
  4. Ive got the Nimble shorts in Mandrake. Not going to wear out in a hurry . Contemplating 3Ds in same. Hueys pricing is abit cheaper the buying direct
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