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  1. My first week back at Battalion went well. It feels good to be back among my own people again. Darkchild
  2. Kenya Isn't too bad. We got attacked by Al Shabab last time I was there, threw a grenade at us from a motorbike, but that's because we were a group of 30 white contractors crowded round a coffee shop using wifi. Easy target. I've never heard of a huge crackdown on gays in Kenya. Darkchild
  3. My step dad had it. Terrible thing I wouldn't wish on anybody. Darkchild
  4. I hear that. My knees are so *fruitcage*ed my friends with no legs pity me. Darkchild
  5. Back to 4 Rifles, as the weird old dude in a rifle platoon, whilst my old peer group are all Sjt/CSjts now. Darkchild
  6. Sooo, after 5 years of being a civvy, I'm back in the Army. Didn't see that coming. Darkchild
  7. I voted out. My FB is full of doomsaying or a tirade self satisfied smugness, depending on the political leanings of the poster. This thing has brought the worst out of people. Darkchild
  8. Possibly torn some cartilage in my knee. Just as I put in my transfer paperwork to get back into the regular Army too. Darkchild
  9. Voting tomorrow, also seeing the doctor about my knee (after waiting 2 weeks for an appointment, yay NHS!). Hopefully get some good news and not require surgery to fix it. Darkchild
  10. Got a new phone (first one in 5 years), an Xperia Z5 compact. Got a car (been driving the wife's 207 for 5 years), an old Ford Mondeo ST24. It's nice to have my own transport again. Darkchild
  11. Beer and Wings night. Every man brings his own chilli sauce. Game on. Darkchild
  12. Loading 120mm Fin round (yeah that's right, I do tanks now) That'll penetrate your safe space! Darkchild
  13. Everyone is so sensitive these days and it irritates me. Language policing ties everybody up in knots thinking about offending someone rather than actually discussing things. *fruitcage* your feelings, quite frankly. Darkchild
  14. Hyper Light Drifter is a game that plays like a cross between Legend of Zelda and Bloodborne, with aesthetics taken from classic Anime like Evangelion and Akira. You're damn right it made me smile. Darkchild
  15. In the last 2 weeks I've instructed Oxford UOTC cadets and potential NCOs on their promotion cadre. Turns out I like teaching people. Darkchild
  16. Started some line art, haven't drawn in a while, felt good. Darkchild
  17. Contractor parts 1 and 2 are my self published novellas, but the novel being recorded is a proper full length book, written for an indie video game developer. When it's released it'll be called Brigador. It's about mechs and civil war, it's a lot better than my older work (hopefully). Darkchild
  18. Heard the first readback of my novel in audiobook form. It sounds weird, but good, to hear words that you have written being spoken by a professional voice actor. Good times. Darkchild
  19. The amount of time I spend away with the Reserves, I might as well just get back in. Darkchild
  20. I've got 2 of those Arktis rigs, still use the same one I was issued in 2004 in Northern Ireland. Love it. Picture is me in my TA regiment (alas, I am no longer an infantryman in the regular Army) Darkchild
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