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  1. I've come from 4 Rifles to a reserve tankie unit, and the first time I met my new boss I paid the proper compliments (braced up, as I was in civvies) and everybody present looked at me like I had just offered to fight him. Laid back is an understatement with these dudes. Upside to that, not many people volunteer to go away and do stuff, for whatever reasons, so I can do as much, or as little work as I want! Darkchild
  2. Jump out the window, take the hit brah, you'll be alright. Darkchild
  3. I'm still happy, I'm just responding to people. I'm happy to learn new things about tanks! (In 2 week chunks.) Darkchild
  4. If that is true, they will learn less and end up being less qualified at the end of it, thus proving my point. People don't suddenly develop the ability to learn 7 weeks of information in 7 days just because they are civilians. Reservists are inferior to regular soldiers, as you would expect from people that do one evening a week and the odd course, compared to someone that lives, eats and breathes their soldier lifestyle 24/7. Whatever optimistic arguments you come up with cannot argue with this, it is simply true. Here is one example for you: A reservist only has to attempt his
  5. Their standards for fitness etc are lower across the board, the trade courses are the "same" but broken down into 2 week chunks, so it requires better memory retention on their part, but is less intense and stressful for the individual because they can just do it when they want. Plus there is no actual incentive to follow orders, because if they receive an order they disagree with, they can (and I have been told of a few examples where this has happened) just leave. Being a regular soldier is a lot like being in prison in direct comparison to this aspect, and can actually end up in a prison
  6. Seeing as it was half the soldiers themselves telling me that they aren't real soldiers, I'll stick with my initial assessment until it is proven wrong. Darkchild
  7. Did adventure training with my new TA unit. They are nice people, but very strange to me, and definitely not soldiers. They probably think I'm some super intense weirdo but I'm okay with that. Fun times. Darkchild
  8. Mandatory PT 5 days a week is standard in infantry units. I'm actually a bit annoyed that (up until now) it isn't in others. Darkchild
  9. The gym at my place isn't great, a lot of dumbbells,a few kettlebells, pull up bar etc. But it's better than what I've got at home, and they'll pay me to use it, so I can't complain. Darkchild
  10. After meeting them, I'm fairly certain I can already run circles around 99% of the unit. It's sad that people need to be enticed by extra cash to work on their fitness. It's even more sad that only one or two of them actually do it. Darkchild
  11. RCMO at my new unit said I can turn up early to use the gym if I want. So let me get this straight, you'll pay me MORE to work out in my own time? Jackpot. Darkchild
  12. Woah, Bando, that is positively satanic. I approve wholeheartedly. Also, after spending way too much cash buying and modifying mags, I have settled on ICS locaps as the best mags to use in a G&G SG552. Darkchild
  13. So I'm back in the army (reserves). Pretty happy about it to be honest. Darkchild
  14. As the owner of several broken toes due to kicking, that scene still makes me wince. Darkchild
  15. Full Throttle was my favourite, alongside Monkey Island 2. Darkchild
  16. I got the Darkstalkers franchise for a tenner. That's a lot of gaming for a good price. Also, my internet connection is about 6 times slower than yours. Darkchild
  17. Another day of typing and playing Witcher 3 while wearing tactical gloves. I think I may have broken my life long addiction to chopping fingers off. On gloves. I still like chopping people's fingers off. Darkchild
  18. It was a rough night of coffee and cold sweats, I think at one point I was vomiting while a priest chanted bible verses at me, but I pulled through. The gloves still have all their fingers. Darkchild
  19. I've cut fingers off every pair of gloves I've owned for 15 years (probably about 50+ pairs of gloves) It's not looking good for the PIGs to be honest. Darkchild
  20. I always do trigger finger and thumb (because fire selectors) on both gloves (because ambidextrous) but I've been sitting here typing away with gloves on all day to condition myself not to hate it. I'm really trying hard not to cut the fingers off, but it is so tempting. My wife thinks I'm weird, she took a picture of me sitting at my laptop wearing tactical gloves. Darkchild
  21. I bought some of them PIG touch whatever they're called gloves today. They're very nice, feel like my old biking gloves, fingers so tactile I might not even cut the trigger fingers off. Who am I kidding, I always cut the trigger fingers off. Darkchild
  22. It's friday so I'm murdering my brain cells with rum. Got my selection for the reserves on Tuesday. I hope they want me to do a PFT, I can "300" it these days. Darkchild
  23. My amiga 1200 is in my grandad's loft. I should really get it back of him sometime. I loved that thing. Darkchild
  24. Thank *fruitcage* for that, those brown boots look dogshit. Jungle boots for life bro, still got the same pair I was issued for belize in 2003. Darkchild
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