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  1. Hardcore, as I'll soon be rejoining the uniformed masses, what's the score with the weird brown boots? I got out before they came in, do people still wear black boots at all? Darkchild
  2. Turns out the spring guide for the fake recoil spring had unscrewed itself inside the receiver. I thought the spring was knackered, because no tension and a floppy bolt, but it just needed screwing back together nice and tight. Darkchild
  3. Got a regular training partner now, helps my motivation tenfold. Darkchild
  4. I don't lend money to people. People are dickheads. Darkchild
  5. My G&G SG552 has it's recoil spring gone. I have no idea how this could happen, as all it does is sit on a bed all day. The fake bolt doesn't actually do anything, but now it flops about uselessly in the receiver, and will need replacing. Most annoying. Darkchild
  6. Truth, I suffered from chronic back pain for the last 2 years I was in the army, and for two years afterwards. We bought a fancy new mattress, and the pain practically disappeared within a couple of weeks. Darkchild
  7. Blobface, can you post an external parts list? Darkchild
  8. I like it, it's why I'm signing up for the reserves after quitting being a contractor. Although unfortunately there is nobody to fight at the moment. Darkchild
  9. You're not trained to shoot to kill, you're trained to shoot centre mass because it is the biggest target. The fact that it usually results in death is a happy coincidence. Subtle but important distinction to make. It's why we shoot everybody again up close whilst clearing a position, after we've shot the out of it on our approach, and after we've puts grenades in there. Because we recognise that shooting at people is vague at best, and you might not have actually killed them from a distance. Darkchild
  10. I'm about to train, then it's Rum o'clock. I'm generally happy. Darkchild
  11. That *beep* ###### me off. I trained as a sniper for a bit (never deployed as a sniper, I was a team leader instead, as there were much qualified better dudes in Battalion than me) and every single one of them wanted to shoot people. Most of them did. Snipers are some of the most remorseless people on the planet, in fact it is the very prospect of shooting people that attracts to the role in the first place. I shot a couple of people in Iraq (possibly more, but you can never tell 100% in large firefight), and I do not give a *suitcase* about them, because they were the enemy. This guy sa
  12. Thankyou! It is a mixture of SG552, a G36c, a vz.58 with a stock that is a mixture of a Remington ACR and an MP5K pdw. I basically mashed all of my favourite guns together. Darkchild
  13. Did a sketch, finally finished my character design that I started years ago. I'm so happy that droplegs have "dropped" out of fashion again, so I can be all alternative and hipster again.
  14. I rather enjoy a burnt chip. Darkchild
  15. I'm combining them with rum drinking, stands to reason that I should get drunk faster! Darkchild
  16. Still on the grenade thermo whatever pills. They work, but they make my hands vibrate, and my wee smells of death. Darkchild
  17. My peugeot keyring came with a car for the wife too, *fruitcage* french piece of *suitcase*. Darkchild
  18. Cheers dude! Luckily for me, one of my mates runs a company that sells gear for OCRs and he's a fitness fanatic, so I can glean information from him about all that stuff. Seriously, he's literally doing at least one race a weekend all year round and he's very similar build to me, over the years I've found what works for him generally works for me. EDIT: The pre-workout did help me train harder, but now my pee reeks of death. Darkchild
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