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  1. It's my first day on pre-workout and I think my sweat is screaming. Darkchild
  2. I've had about 5 cups of coffee in the last hour after reading this thread today. I'm encroaching on "I CAN SMELL COLOURS" territory. Darkchild
  3. We were clever about that, our chief was our provost Sergeant. The only point of contention was that one of our Lcpls was Fijian "Royalty" which took him outside of the tribal hierarchy somewhat. Nobody deferred to him, but he didn't have to defer to anybody else. Luckily, big Joe Leqa was an articulate and mild mannered individual. Darkchild
  4. We had about 30 Fijians in my battalion. When everybody went home at the weekend they would throw block parties, and cram everybody into one 8 man room somehow. Being on duty at the weekend was a nightmare. The process for duty NCOs usually went like this. "Please do not burn the block down and kill each other" "JOIN US!" *get dragged into grog party*
  5. I know right! Before I started my "healthy lifestyle" BS, I used to buy tins of Fritos chips in the large tins from there, and eat it all in one sitting. ALL THE SALT!!! Man I want some Fritos now. Darkchild
  6. Yeah I used to get crates of code red in the PX in Kabul, along with some "supplements" that would be considered illegal in the UK. We were pulling 36 hour patrols, I needed that *suitcase* just to stay awake. Darkchild
  7. You can get it, you just have to go to one of those weird import shops. Luckily there is an import sweet shop in Salisbury, so if I never need a heart attack in a can I'm sorted. Darkchild
  8. So the idea of more open spaces in the campaign, more tactical flexibility, single player customisation and 4 player co-op give me high hopes for Treyarch's next COD game. Advanced Warfare was way more fun than ghosts, so I hope Treyarch can build upon Blackops 2 and make a superior game. Darkchild
  9. Leto's joker fits in better with the Suicide Squad iteration of the Joker, which is convenient, as he's in the Suicide Squad film. Darkchild
  10. I like it, they are moving away from the previous iteration. Darkchild
  11. Watched the entire season of Star Wars Rebels when I got up this morning. I know it's for kids, but now all I can think of is becoming an Imperial Agent and growing huge sideburns. Darkchild
  12. Home defence? I'd use it to cull the chav population! Darkchild
  13. Damn I remember those, used to eat them in the block back when I was at Warminster. And when I was about 2 stone fatter. Darkchild
  14. I eat it almost everyday for lunch. I hate it. Darkchild
  15. getting real bored of brown rice, tuna, peas and sweetcorn. Darkchild
  16. Nope, it has just led to the more widespread use of lightweight 7.62mm platforms (like the titanium GPMG, called the "patrol" GPMG, and the 7.62mm LMG) Like I said before, innovation boils down to "make it lighter, make it cheaper, give me more of them in a shorter timescale." The closest thing I have seen to anything coming directly from that trial is the potential adoption of plastic disintegrating link, for weight savings. Civilian shooting will not entirely separate from Military stuff, but it will take longer to catch up, only because of legalities. As soon as a military grabs onto
  17. It is unfortunately more cost effective to play catch up for the war you are currently fighting, rather than try and prepare for a hypothetical one. We learned that lesson with all the completely useless Challenger tanks we had sitting around doing nothing for the last 13 years of counter insurgency operations. Something good already has come out of the LSAT trials, the realisation that cased telescoped ammunition is the future. Darkchild
  18. St George was a Syrian Greek who fought for the Romans, and is celebrated by many countries the world over. If that isn't a symbol for multiculturalism I don't know what is. Darkchild
  19. Meh, five years ago they were calling it "barrier blind" "dual purpose" ammo etc etc. Punches through armour and makes big wounds in people. When the price and manufacturing costs are the same as current rounds, then it will be a thing. Until then, A 7.62mm round can take an entire limb off, and as our enemies aren't exactly covered in level 4 armour, that's enough damage I think. Darkchild
  20. I've taken 4 ibuprofen and 4 paracetamol for a headache, because I've run out of Cocodamol, I'm smiling right now! Darkchild
  21. It's difficult, going from end user to trials NCO was an eye opener, let me tell you. 7.62mm is fine, it is the perfect calibre for a soldier, it can nail people up to 1000m with the right weapon (plus sniper grade ammo, used to be called green spot) and puts big holes in people up close so they don't get back up. There are untold millions of rounds in the system, so no need to any new fancy ammo type. Seriously, when you're in the *suitcase* and you see the difference between effect on target (squishy, naughty people) between 5.56mm and 7.62mm you become an instant convert. We were sawing
  22. You are confusing various concepts and mashing them together. There is scope for innovation in firearms development, but I'm talking about procurement and the trials process. As an end user, we literally do not care what the weapon is as long as it is the cheapest, and meets requirements. As a potential bidder (now I will approach from a Project Management angle as strangely, I'm also qualified in that) there is no benefit in going beyond the spec lined out in the initial brief. We call this scope creep, and it's what I was pointing out in my last post. Considering your main factors are
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