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  1. No you misunderstand, it would not be declared to be fit for purpose if it exceeds the requirements, so the trial would have to be rewritten to accommodate the new data. Equipment trials take months and years to get into motion, so if you take data that works outside of the brackets (eg first round hits on target beyond 800m) then other agencies get involved, investigations happen and then companies that have applied for tender end up suing you because their weapon was "more" fit for task when you selected something else. If the KUR requires to hit out 800m, and company A provides a rifl
  2. No, the incentive is to get vital equipment into soldier's hands that meets the requirement laid out in the KUR, rather than delay it by six months and deny them that capability for the entire duration of a tour. 5000 round barrel life, What the *fruitcage* have you been firing? try about 50,000 before their first inspection. Our snipers had L96s without any rifling left in the barrels, they had fired over 100k each. The Army is poor. Darkchild
  3. Oh yeah, I love hypocritical attention seeking minor celebrities. Darkchild
  4. I nearly cried with joy at the Star Wars trailer, and I'm a sociopath. Darkchild
  5. I'm always gobbing off about something. What was it this time? Darkchild
  6. Exactly that, otherwise the KUR (key user requirements) would have to be changed to reflect the new data, a process that would put back the kit procurement for months. Darkchild
  7. Officially it can only fire out to 800 metres, but in trials I was getting sub 225mm groups at 1000 yards (the warminster sniper range is still in yards) on a man sized target. We could not record beyond 800m as that would have required completely rewriting the trial requirements. Bureaucracy means the official capabilities of the L129A1 rifle are first hit capability at 600m, harassing fire out to 800 metres. The truth is it is far more capable, all on a measly 16 inch barrel. Darkchild
  8. There's me in my gucci leather jacket and shades, shooting at a thousand yards.
  9. hahaha! I bet he has a clamp for his rifle too. Darkchild
  10. That is one dumb looking jacket. Darkchild
  11. I did some research, changing the angle of my hand during the exercise alleviated the pain immediately. Darkchild
  12. doing lateral shoulder raises, massive amounts of pain in the left shoulder. Dammit. Darkchild
  13. I'm fine, I'm currently trying to join the reserves, I miss the lifestyle a bit. I would deploy tomorrow if there was a war to fight. Darkchild
  14. It's their families I feel for. People leave a shitstorm in their wake when they commit suicide. It's a weird thing to be in your early 30's, yet half your friends are already dead. The war(s) keeps killing them, even though it's over. Darkchild
  15. Two dudes I knew (one from my regiment, one I knew from a contracting job) both killed themselves on the same day, two days ago. They didn't know each other. It's just a bit of a bummer when people you think are fine go and off themselves. I think PTSD care is inadequate maybe. I dunno.
  16. My friends keep killing themselves.
  17. It's getting damn good isn't it! I think Clarke is excellent. Darkchild
  18. Looks like Wade is rocking twin Desert Eagles in the movie. Silly sausage. Darkchild
  19. If you made one with cross straps instead of an H harness I would have one off you. Darkchild
  20. If this dude can pull it off I definitely can. the only issue is my dazzling array of tattoos. Darkchild
  21. I was thinking more of just painting my nearly naked body in the correct fashion. Darkchild
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