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  1. Hello I was wondering if there is anyone here who has experience with this shop. http://www.a2fps.com/ I've personally never heard of them but they have eotech exps3 replicas which I can't seem to find anywhere else.
  2. I'd leave it as it is. Lovely setup.
  3. Yup, I also have one and it's a pretty normal problem. I heard the vfc had the same issue.
  4. Send a mail to black talon concepts, their customer service is very good.
  5. Installed my spectre and with the factory settings, it resets to an almost completely precocked position with factory setting. Anyone who can help me? I want the piston to be in a fully forward position. Also the grip gets quite hot very fast.
  6. seems to be the same in this youtube video so I don't think it's a problem. Most pictures show 2 thinner red wires, mine only has one.
  7. My spectre arrived and I noticed it has less wires than the one shown on the website. Probably because that's a picture from the beta version?
  8. Is it currently in stock somewhere or will it appear somewhere in stock soon?
  9. Does anyone have an idea where this will be in stock soon?
  10. Hello, Anyone here familiar with Brill Armory? Are they to be trusted?
  11. It sure is, last week I received a mail from Black Talon that they had restocked the spectre but when I got the time to read it it was already sold out. Still looking for one in stock as well.
  12. Anyone who has an idea of when it might get back in stock again?
  13. That actually looks pretty good. There is no chance of screwing up your MAP.
  14. I already thought so. I may do it as well since I'll buy one for a 6094 in the near future.
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