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  1. Looking for something to do now with being furloughed so on the look for any cheap unwanted broken project guns or parts message me what you've got thanks sam
  2. On the look for tm hi capa upgrades message me what you've got with prices etc got a few of these in a sorry state so looking to upgrade whilst rebuilding them will take complete pistols for parts broken / leaking mags anything considered message me with what you've got thanks sam
  3. minisam92

    M4 bits

    Looking for the following bits m4 stock screw and washer Rear wired wiring kit for a v2 gearbox red fire selector, mag release trigger and stock nut pro win hop unit 363 mm tbb v2 gearbox casing pistol grip base with screws or a full grip inbox me if you habe any or all of the bits thats listed thanks sam
  4. Looking for a version 2 gear box shell not bothered about internals
  5. minisam92

    Loft clearout time!

    Pmd you bud
  6. As the title really looking for we mp5 mags in any condition inbox me what you have
  7. minisam92


    Thanks bud
  8. minisam92


    Hi can any one help me ? Sure won’t let me delete pictures from old sales threads so I can upload new ones to my new sales threads sorry not been on here in a while
  9. minisam92


    Still not letting me upload pictures saying I’ve got .02 mb left ?
  10. minisam92


    So if I report the old ones can you please close them? Sorry for sounding a bit dim not been on here for a while
  11. minisam92

    new site in cleethorpes

    Thanks for your reply heroshark And thats good as my pistol likes to vent when i use it lol
  12. Can anybody on here confirm or not there is an airsoft site in cleethorpes and is it any good ? Also before anybody mentions it no i dont mean arena airsoft in grimsby ....
  13. minisam92

    new site in cleethorpes

    Is it pistol only site ?and is it the same sort of sie as arena airsoft or smaller ? Also is that a mk23 your using in the vids btw cheers for the vids bud
  14. minisam92

    new site in cleethorpes

    Thanks for the reply pal, Cant get the links to work on my laptop Any chance you could inbox me there number or addess / website Cant go for at least 2 weeks as im off work sick but wouldnt mind trying out a new (to me) localish site

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