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  1. Thanks for that Londo, ordered one for myself. Didnt you have any trouble attaching it at all?
  2. thanks for the reply Londo, any chance you could throw up afew pics of the two way magcatch to see what you done please?
  3. thanks for reply Baddbaz, emailed Real sword already, afew times & no reply from them.
  4. Hi all, im having serious problems with mags for my type 97, especially with the mags staying in the magwell. Thought buying extra real sword 130rd mags would solve the problem but 3 out of 6 mags wont stay in the magwell. I think the problem is the clip, on the mag release system, that holds in the mags is the issue, its not long enough to hold in all the mags. Can this be replaced with other m4 mag release clips? Did anybody else have a similar problem & what did you do to fix it? Thanks
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