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  1. ameturestunt where on earth did u find a place that sells aug outer and inner barrel assemblies?
  2. i dont know ill have to see as i got the M93r recently i need to get a 50 rnd mag for it to be truely awesome though..
  3. i bought it for $100 off retail at my shop so a $20 fix doesnt bother me too much and it would have needed replacing sooner or later
  4. without any orange theyd be better
  5. what is that camo? i want some!!! that would work perfectly in my area im not going to post pics of my aug as i only have a camera phone and the camera sucks and i have already posted it in the big thread...
  6. my duel combo of a USP .45 and Compact Same USP plus a 6" Infinity Xcelerator Hybrid heres a pic of all my pistols/smgs i cant seem to find my M93r/Mac11 pic but they are in this pic... Edit sorry about the terrible cell-phone pics
  7. my infinity 6" Xcelerator that i bought off ebay for $200 however it needs a new chamber as the threads broke off the original one... makes me sad as ive had this gun 3 days and it needs fixing...
  8. ill +1 anyone who Pms me the brand and type of each of these bone stock guns... OnidemonXLR ur not eligble as u know already... sorry about the crappy cell pic plus another gun or so as i have some funds that are burning a hole in my pocket begging to be spent...
  9. right now i am trying to find a Sun Project Muzzelite so that when i have the money to buy it in a few months i will. That or a JAC Aug would be nice... what is an LRB? ive heard it inproves range and power quite a bit
  10. besides a scope what accesories are availible for this? can it accept the APS-2 bipod mount?
  11. when i go to the GBB section and click the second page it only reloads the first page. this is solved by clicking the second page again. but when you click on the third page it brings you back to the third page and then once again you have to click on the third page again. kinda sucks when your internet is slow and you wait 3 minutes for a page to load and find its the same page but this always happens no matter my internet speed.
  12. Usually what happens with us is that we take videos of what we do. ask OnidemonXLR about the vids but i don't think he can send them to anyone or post them since he has 56k...
  13. does the P226 run on 134a or Green gas?
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