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  1. So does this mean pt 122 will always be a consumable part?
  2. actually, the issue might come down to the radio itself. when I tested mine on a Motorola T6300 when it first arrived, it was working flawlessly. but at Saturday's game, I switched to a Moto T5700, i couldn't hear my teammate's comm, only clicking noise. however, when I talked w the PTT, they said they could hear me fine. when I came back, I tried the headset w the T6300 again, it's working again. it seems like the problem lies within the PTT's radio plug wasn't being pushed into the radio's jack far enough, due to the excess molding around the metal connector. I think the T6300 was able
  3. Great job!! your impression about the headset is exactly as mine, only difference is that my mic works. you get what you paid for. btw, how did you make yours fit under IBH/MICH? I'm having trouble getting the helmet straps around the gigantic earmuffs.
  4. that's too bad. Can a fellow Mk46 owner please post a disassembly guide? I'd like to replaced the innerbarrel w a tightbore. BTW, the gun had its first game, it shoots amazingly far and accurate, even outshoots my VFC m60!
  5. just got the 46. but it doesn't come w a manual. is there one out there?
  6. anyone got a update on the gun? I want to pick one up when I'm in HK next month, but it's impossible to find info/reviews for this gun. For those long term users, how's yours holding up? Also, how is the aftermkt support? I learned a hard lesson w VFC mk43. While it's bad-*albatross*, it's hard to find replacement unless going thru VFC direct due to proprietary parts, which sometimes would take month. can I find everything for G&P without going thru the manufacture? Is everything internal replacable w regular V2 parts? (VFC uses a diff length nozzle, which is impossible to fi
  7. a question for those that have the new KSC Full Metal M9, is it true that you can't use the regular KSC m9 gas mags? is there any retailer other than Redwolf that sells the mag? Has a STANDARD, NON-THREAD replacement metal outer barrel been made for the NEW version of the m9 (someone mentioned the barrel internals has been changed so old version OB wouldn't work)?
  8. That's good info, SilentScope. Thanks!
  9. Thx for point that out. But I despise Crane stocks and love m900 grips, and SEALs use it.
  10. Made an update to my old wallpaper
  11. The latest of the Mk18 http://filebox.vt.edu/users/pepeng/Pics/Airsoft/Misc/CQBR%20Wallpaper%201024.jpg
  12. Sorry to hear that. But the only option I can think of would be contacting your local VFC distributor or VFC directly. However, VFC doesn't ususally stock alot of extra parts. G'luck.
  13. I asked AirsoftGI about it, and they actually referred to JAG. But when I called JAG, they told me that they didn't carry the Mk43. So I called back to AsGI, and they told me me to email VFC. It seems like they haven't know idea what they are doing. more development on the gun, I send it to a local airsoft dealer, and here's what he emailed me about the damage and other dealer's response: "OK the bad news First We pulled the gear box last night to check the motor spacing and found the motor was fully adjusted in so there was no adjustment left. When I pulled the motor o
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