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  1. Possibly does sound like an S&T then, but he ares brand had the battery stored above the gearbox. in any case it would do with a good service at the minimum. Be careful of bespoke parts and throw in a mosfet for good measure.
  2. What brand is it? Ares? S&T? Does it have a full length top rail or a small section or MARS sight? I have an early Ares Tavor so what I say will have references to that. if it’s old, good chance you need to strip and service the gearbox anyway. Grease goes off with time and will just not end well. Hopefully that’s all you will need. While it uses standard gears, piston etc, it has bespoke cylinder head, tappet plate, cut off lever, secondary springs. if any of the bespoke parts are broken it’s a write off. Historically you would often see a Tavor for
  3. That is a lovely mask and helmet hero shark, would love the mask! Brilliant craftsmanship!
  4. it should have a caption: *russia has sucesfuly cloned the american t1 rds..... almost*
  5. thanks dapprman for your input, its good to know the other side for those that dont like the full length rail. i will say that your setup does look rather cramped there but it works! amazed you managed to fit a magnifier and an eotech on! its one of those things that you probably wont know if you want it until youve seen it in person, which is fair enough. as for the price, i cannot reveal to much yet until i discuss things but i am mindful that cost is everything! hopefully in the near future the mk.II will be ready to show off. even though the mk.I looks ok it is by no means ready t
  6. heres my Tavor, internally it remains stock for now. Dont want to strain those rare internal parts! but im ready to turn it into a new labour of love!
  7. well the mk II is pretty much finished really, just need to acquire spare funds to get it printed. people need only ask if they are interested in one. the more that do, the cheaper they will be.
  8. heres my Tavor, internally it remains stock for now. Dont want to strain those rare internal parts! but im ready to turn it into a new labour of love!
  9. That's brilliant news :-). I shall place revised pictures up when it arrives. The only thing that I have noticed with my setup is that active breaking isn't quite spot on, as in it just doesn't quite stop at full rest. I do however think that this is down to the setup I have. I have finally got around to skirmish testing it and it did not let me down at all and having burst is surprisingly useful at times. I've got to do some fine tuning of other components but overal the chimera is a beast and takes your AEG to the next level. Defiantly look forward to your upcoming creations BT
  10. right all, this is the review and summary of installation of my chimera for the V3 gearbox. this thread is purely to do with my own experiences and what has worked best for me. i havent done a review (if you can call it that) before so be gentle! i will also put this up in the technical section too. my chimera has been placed in my 7 year old classic army G36. it has ultimate 16:1 gears, a G&P M120 motor and an M90 spring. power output is 345 fps. now upon opening this is what you see: - you get the chimera unit, the v3 trigger board, motor wires, deans and tamiya connect
  11. Dr.Arnie


    wow that is a lovely dmr. how much paracord did you put into the sling?
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