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  1. Survived another year, eh? Happy Birthday.

  2. Victory

    SMG Picture Thread

    I'm going to guess that COD4 was your inspiration. Not sure on the paint...it's not bad, just seems slightly out of place. -Vic
  3. Hmm, I wonder what KWA Office Parties are like...Happy Birthday!

  4. x2, Happy B-Day!

  5. You're an evil man that locks all of my kewel threads. :-P

  6. I would think that Jack Bauer is older than 21...none-the-less, happy birthday.

  7. Victory

    SMG Picture Thread

    Indeed. I still have a couple North ® brand wooden grips for the Scorpion series. Still need to get a Scorpion to install one on... -Vic
  8. Victory

    SIG Picture Thread

    Bead blasting is the best way to go, IMO. A member here, junior, does bead blasting work on airsoft parts. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...?showuser=31878 His pricing list is in his signature. -Vic
  9. Victory

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Hey Catch22, didn't know you're a member of Arnie's. Awesome. Not as awesome as your 416's paintjob, though. Very nice. -Vic
  10. Good to see you've joined Arnie's. I remember you on ASR. Always had quite the lot of useful information. Do enjoy your stay!

  11. How's the SR-25 comin' along, mang?

  12. Hmm, suprised I didn't post here. Anyway, ndfirespider, great buyer. Excellent communication. I'd gladly do business with him again!

  13. Victory

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Pulng, don't let these comments offend you, no matter how immature some of them might be. It's your shotgun. You obviously know what works best for you and your surroundings. Donut: Epic. -Vic Edit: Any particular reason? They're great as a novelty, but other than that, not much else. I once had the Gana-Tan. Sold it to Donut. He, I'm pretty sure, sold it to Anteater, whom then sold it again. I'd bet it's seen a total of at least 5 owners by now, lol.
  14. Lol, one year old? Happy Birthday!

  15. Victory

    Artistic Airsoft

  16. He's also a great buyer. Sent payment extremely fast. Would gladly do bsuiness with again.

  17. You're Homeless, and yet, you have internet access. How can this be possible?!?

  18. My point is, you do not have to fill out any form to own an airsoft suppressor. I'd quote you, but the topic has vanished. I only brought it up, as the statement you made could have very well turned away potential buyers. This is now a non-issue, though, as it is, apparaently, no longer for sale. Anyhoo, moving on. ;)

  19. Bugger, it didn't post correctly. Anyway, short and sweet, foam filled suppressors are legal to own in the US.

  20. HAHA!it is a joke.

  21. HAHA!it is a joke.


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